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Hannah Buchholz is the young woman who recorded viral videos showing the beating of a teenager in Wisconsin. The teenager identified as Jacob Gunderson is seen being relentlessly beaten for allegedly stealing drug paraphernalia.

Hannah Buchholz Assult

Police were briefed on the incident after a woman who viewed Hanna Bucholz’s Instagram video contacted them. In the video, a man is shown with a bloody nose and mouth while lying on a bed. Another man repeatedly hits him in the face. The person holding the camera repeatedly uses a racial slur as he says to the victim, “That’s what you get.” Another video, accompanied by the 6:22 a.m. timestamp, showed Jacob bloody sitting in the front seat of a car as he was repeatedly punched in the face. Three 18-year-old teens have been arrested. Chase Passon, Alexis Strenke and Ruby Jiménez-Nevarez have been accused of assaulting Jacob after the video of the assault was posted on social media and sparked outrage in the community, with calls for justice for the victim.

Hannah Buchholz Uses N-Word

The Change.org petition stated that “Hannah Buchholz uses racial slurs while she hits the beating all the time she is recording, even going as far as to participate in the beating as well, showing her bloody hand at one point.” that she “was released only for a parole violation, while all others in the incident were charged [sic] with humble misdemeanors.” Dozens of people participated in a rally in Eau Claire on Saturday afternoon to support Gunderson, whose mother was in attendance.

Hannah Buchholz to be Charged

Local news outlet WEAU reported that an unidentified minor was also involved and was referred to a juvenile court. An online petition identified the minor as Hannah Buchholz, claimed that she recorded the video without intervening, and demanded that she be charged as an adult in the case.

On  May 24, “JusticeforJacob” became one of the top trends on Twitter. Posters mostly using the hashtag linking to a GoFundMe page that was set up to help his family to pay for his medical bills after he was taken to a local hospital where he is recovering from his injuries.  The original goal of the page was to raise  $5,000  but it has raised more than that.

Jacob’s mother, Becky Gruber, said seeing the violence her son experienced was the worst feeling imaginable. “No human being should treat another human being like that ever, no matter what the circumstances are, and while I understand everyone’s angry and they want to see justice served. Justice will be served through nonviolent ways because that’s the way life is and should be.”

Gunderson was at the rally but did not speak publicly. He is reportedly recovering from his injuries that sparked speculation of brain damage.