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Henry Foo Yung Thye
Henry Foo Yung Thye

Henry Foo Yung Thye Wiki – Henry Foo Yung Thye Biography

Henry Foo Yung Thye, was charged with 36 crimes, including contracting or subcontracting, or trying to take a bribe in the form of a loan and deceive her colleagues.

Henry Foo Yung Thye Age

He is 46 years old.

Henry Foo Yung Charge & Arrest

The Corruption Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) said in a press release Friday that twenty-two of the charges should be bribes from contractors or subcontractors between 2014-2019.

Also, between 2008 and 2019, LTA has been accused of deceiving colleagues to give him $ 726,500 credit.

He disguised from them “dishonestly” that he intended to serve the gambling habits and debts of loans, charges of blame.

Deputy Prosecutor Victoria Ting told the court that the total amount of all of Foo’s charges is S $ 2 million.
Expense pages said Foo received a total of $ 1,000 to $ 200,000 from various business executives to advance their commercial interests with LTA.

The largest single total is claimed to be S $ 200,000.
The prosecutor requested S $ 500,000 bail for the unrepresented Foo. Foo told the court that he thought he was guilty of corruption charges and asked for bail to be a “manageable amount” and said he wanted to spend some time with his children.

The prosecutor told the court that none of the money lost in the charges of corruption was recovered.

Foo was offered $ 250,000 bail and will return to court next month for the pre-trial conference.


Six people and one company were charged in connection with Foo’s alleged crimes.

Tiong Seng Contractors manager Pay was among the six charged on Friday. Pek Lian Guan, the company’s general manager, was also charged.

Pay, 52 and Pek, 55 claimed that the company plotted to bribe Foo in the form of approximately $ 350,000 in credit to advance their commercial interests with LTA.

Each of them is accused of two corruption.

Two South Koreans working for Daewoo Engineering and Construction were also charged with bribing Foo.

48-year-old project manager Ro Sung-young and 51-year-old project manager Kim Young-gyu were accused of conspiring to give Foo about $ 50,000 in bribery in the form of a loan. Each faces two charges of corruption. Chinese national Cai Jungang, Tritech Engineering and Test (Singapore) manager, was charged with giving $ 285,000 credit to Foo to bribe him to further the company’s commercial interest in LTA. Seven 56-year-old faces charges of corruption.