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Howard Liebengood
Howard Liebengood

Howard Liebengood Wiki – Howard Liebengood Bio

Capitol Policeman Howard Liebengood, the second officer who died in the wake of the Capitol riots, was remembered for his friendly demeanor while protecting Congress. He was the son of a powerful sergeant in the Senate and was a lobbyist with links to many prominent politicians.

His death was confirmed by the Capitol Police in a press release, although they did not reveal a cause of death. However, Punchbowl News reported through sources that the cause of death was suicide.

Howard Liebengood Age

He was 51 years old.

Howard Liebengood Career & Early Life

According to Capitol Police, “He was appointed to the Senate Division and has been in the Department since April 2005. Our thoughts and prayers go to his family, friends and colleagues.”

Capitol Police added: “We want the privacy of his family and other USCP officers and their families to be respected during this extremely difficult time.”

Former Capitol Police Chief Terrance Gainer told CBS News reporter Michael Kaplan, “Officer Liebengood was on the Hill on Wednesday and described Liebengood’s death as a ‘duty casualty’ – not as much a duty casualty as Officer Sicknick’s,” CBS Reporter Nancy Cordee on Twitter.

“Both of those were casualties on duty,” she said.

Congressman Steve Scalise wrote on Facebook: “His heart was broken when he learned of the loss of another member of the United States Capital Police. My wife Jennifer and I pray for Officer Howard Liebengood’s family after this unimaginable loss. His life and service to our nation will always be remembered. ”

CBS News’s Nancy Cordee wrote on Twitter: “I will remember Howard Liebengood as a truly friendly Capitol Police officer who always had a smile on his face and a kind word to share, even at 6:45 am. Tragic.”

He shared a photo of Liebengood showing children fingerprinted for “Child Safety Day” by Getty Images in 2008.

Senator Mark Warner said, “I regret learning about the death of USCP Officer Howard Liebengood. My thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends. Rest in peace. Thank you for your service.”

Officer Liebengood posted photos from her 2017 wedding on Facebook.

He also showed an interest in racing cars and horse racing on his Facebook page.

“Heartbreaking.” Rob Owen, a Pittsburgh TV critic, posted on Twitter. I’m sure this is Howie, Va. So, his father was Howard Sr., Sergeant. At the Arms of the US Senate in the ’80s. Howie’s mother was a teacher at the kindergarten where I went and where my mother later worked. Prayers for the Liebengood family. ”

“Liebengood’s father, Howard Liebengood, also died in 2005. He was Senate Sergeant at Arms in the early 1980s and then became a powerful lobbyist and partner of Paul Manafort,” according to journalist Yasar Ali on Twitter.

The father’s obituary at the Chicago Tribune says Howard S. Liebengood “was the senate sergeant, chief of staff of the two senators, and a leading Washington lobbyist.” He died of a heart attack at the age of 62 in Vienna, Virginia.

According to the Tribune, Liebengood’s father was “a guardian of the former Senate majority leader, Tennessee Republican Howard Baker.” He was a sergeant with a gun from 1981 to 1983. ”

He was in charge of “185 computer experts, nine carpenters and seven barbers and the Capitol Police”, and later joined the Tobacco Institute as “vice president of federal affairs” and founded former Capitol Hill and lobbying company Gold and Liebengood. Martin Gold, working according to the Tribune. It became Washington D.C.’s fifth largest lobbying company, representing the Chemical Manufacturers Association, Hopi Indian Tribe, Federal Express, and more.

He was working at a law firm and “became chief lobbyist for Philip Morris Cos. Inc.” He had very good connections, was friends with Tennessee Republican Senator Fred Thompson and was the chief of staff for Republican Senator Bill Frist. They had three children.

Howard Liebengood Death

The US Capitol Police was deeply saddened by the off-duty death of 51-year-old Officer Howard Liebengood on January 9, 2021, ”says Capitol police news on January 10.

The death came just days after several Capitol police officers were injured and one, Brian Sicknick, died as a result of the Capitol riots. Capitol police subsequently received harsh criticism for lack of security; However, it is not clear whether the Capitol riots played any role in Liebengood’s death or where he was working at the time.

“This is the second death of a USCP Officer in just two days from injuries sustained while on duty during the attack on the Capitol police’s Capitol police,” said Gus Papanthanasiou. January 6th. We are also mourning the last death of Officer Eric Marshall, who died fighting cancer on January 2, 2021. Their lives and services will not be forgotten. “Capitol Police Officer Howard Liebengood was confirmed to have died of suicide. He was among those who responded to the January 6 riot in the Capitol,” said FoxDC reporter Lindsay Watts.