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Huey Dead
Huey Dead

Huey Dead Wiki – Huey Dead Biography

Huey Dead at the age of 31 on June 25. He is the St. Louis rapper behind the song “Pop, Lock & Drop it” shot in Louis. His real name was Lawrence Franks Jr. Throughout his career, Huey was also gone by the nickname Baby Huey. Huey is best remembered for his 2007 hit “Pop, Lock & Drop it”, released in 2007. Huey previously signed Jive Records. Huey survived by her 13-year-old daughter.

Huey Dead Age

He was 31 years old.

Huey Dead Career & Background

Huey grew up on Arlington Boulevard in the city, according to the Spotify profile. Biology describes Huey’s effects as southern rappers Nelly and Chingy. Huey’s career began when he brought his brother with his older brother, the “music veteran” and the couple’s aunt Angela Richardson. Huey signed Jive Records in 2006 by Mickey “MeMpHiTz” Wright. Richardson was rewarded in the Riverfront Times article for having a good contract with his nephew’s tag. Huey’s hit song was featured on his 2007 album Network Paper, which peaked at 26 on the US Billboard charts. In May 2009, St. Huey He wasn’t harmed after a car trip that killed three of his friends in Louis. The band had just come from a Yo Gotti concert when the shooting took place. Huey told the newspaper in August 2010:

  • I really don’t know what happened or why it happened. We basically were at the club and had a wonderful time. No problems, no altercations, no nothing. Once we left, the shots went off at the light. We were right behind them. It was hella loud. Luckily, my car didn’t get shot.

Huey added that he did not know if the shot was its intended target. One night after the attack, Huey St. He would open up to Nelly in Louis. The promoters of the concert canceled Huey’s performance on concerns that the car drivers could go on strike again. During the same interview, Huey explained to The Riverfront Times how his upbringing was reflected in his music:

  • I always rap about my life. Whether it’s memories or things that’s going on today that’s a big part of my music. That’s one of the best things I can do is tell the truth. Of course I might lie about some things just to give the people something they want to hear, but nowadays they want to hear real life. That’s what I try to do.

Huey was involved in the “words war” with Nelly, according to The Riverfront Times in July 2007. Nelly’s retaliation was “Cut it Out”. The article said the beef began when Huey refused to appear in a Nelly song. The latest release of Huey was the May 2014 mixtape “Project H”. Her latest main single was 2010’s “Smile & Wave”. This song was released on Huey’s 2010 album Redemption. The album could not be drawn.


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Huey Dead Shot & Dead

Huey’s death, St. Louis media personality was confirmed in a tweet by Blanco Tarantino. Tarantino, “STL native Huey, best known for his classic single” Pop Lock & Drop It, “was shot and killed earlier this evening and is expected to shoot a video this Saturday. Fox St. St. Louis, Huey’s St. In the Kinloch section of Louis County, he reported that Martin Luther King Boulevard near Marble Avenue was killed at block 8100. Huey was the native of Kinloch. According to a post on the Instagram page, Huey would record a music video on June 27.