Who is Irina Pekarskaya?(Dies After horrific injuries) Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Career, Cause Of Death, Many More Facts

Irina Pekarskaya
Irina Pekarskaya

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Irina Pekarskaya, the fireworks show went wrong with disaster, and in December 2009 killed 156 people and got stuck inside the popular Lame Horse nightclub in Perm.

Now he has been in pain for 11 years, becoming the 157th victim of the tragedy..

The two mothers lost the ability to move or speak, and after experiencing toxic brain damage and sustaining 60% burns in hell, their limbs began to atrophy.

Before returning to Russia, he was taken to Germany for treatment, where he endured a painful and debilitating war to defeat his wounds.

Her 71-year-old mother, Galina, said she was bursting into tears when she saw her two sons for the first time seven years after the fire. MailOnline reported that the family could not spend their last moments with it due to coronavirus restrictions.

He added: ‘Irina had nothing but suffering for all these 11 years. I want to remember him as I was living.

”Partner of Irina Kol party when Sergey Kolpakov survived the disaster after going out to smoke a few minutes ago. For years,

he desperately tried to raise money to finance his treatment. But later it became clear that Irina would never heal, and they had twins with a new wife.