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Isaiah Gardenhire
Isaiah Gardenhire

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Isaiah Gardenhire is accused of fatally stabbing a teenage girl, sexually assaulting two women, and taking hostages while being released on bail. Prosecutors said on Tuesday, June 8, that Isaiah G ‘Zeek’ Gardenhire also behaved badly and aggressively on Zoom during his bail hearing.

According to reports, the 40-year-old man’s two-day crime spree began on June 6, after he was released from prison on bail. He was behind bars for second-degree sexual conduct charges. However, once out, he allegedly sexually assaulted his girlfriend in Mount Pleasant. The victim’s name was not released. “At one point during this discussion, Mr Gardenhire’s attention was turned to [his girlfriend’s] daughter, who was at home,” said Isabella County Prosecutor David Barberi.

Isaiah Gardenhire Arrested

His girlfriend allegedly ran away from home to save him from another attack, and Gardenhire fatally stabbed the woman’s 13-year-old daughter. When the woman returned home with the police officers, she found her child with a stab wound. The youth, whose name has not been released, succumbed to his injuries despite all efforts to save him.

Allegedly, Gardenhire later went to another house and took a man and a woman hostage while the police were looking for him. He also allegedly sexually harassed the woman multiple times and then took the couple’s money and car, Barberi said. “This is an absolutely horrific tragedy and a completely senseless loss of life. We know that these events have caused the whole community to be nervous. “We are confident that the harm or fear is over now that she is in custody. Our focus now is on the healing of the victims involved in this case and the opportunity to provide whatever service and justice we can for them and ensure that the justice system is functioning properly as we know it.”


The suspect’s notoriety apparently didn’t end there, as he misbehaved after he was caught when he was virtually presented in front of Isabella County Judge Sara Spencer-Noggle, who set his new bond at $3 million. Gardenhire allegedly grinned, groaned and showed both middle fingers. He was charged with first-degree murder, armed robbery, car theft, first-degree trespassing, and first-degree sexual conduct using a gun, three counts of first-degree sex offenses with multiple variables, and two counts each. illegal detention and assault with a dangerous weapon.

Meanwhile, an unidentified neighbor of the first woman Gardenhire allegedly battered recounted the aftermath of the shocking case. She reportedly woke up the next morning after hearing the sound of ambulances. “Shocking,” the person told local news outlet WNEM-TV. surreal. You can’t help but feel guilty. Would things change if we heard about him? I wasn’t really sure what was going on. I didn’t think there was such a thing.”


The neighbor continued: “She was barefoot, her clothes looked torn, not in good shape. (The victim) went out at night and came to our house and tried to knock on our door to ask for help. A little later we went outside and noticed bloody, muddy handprints all over our front door”, before I said about Gardenhire, “I don’t want to say that this is something we expected to happen. Frankly, no one expects this to happen. But there was always something suspicious. Something about him always seemed strange.”