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Jack Ryan Ostrovsky
Jack Ryan Ostrovsky

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There are three youngsters among the nine service members of amphibious assault vehicles who died after sinking in deep water during a training exercise on the Southern California coast last week. The U.S. Marine Corps said that despite one intense day-long research involving 1,000 nautical miles and helicopters and a Navy destroyer, only one of the nine victims’ bodies was found.

Lance Cpl. 20-year-old Guillermo S. Perez, Texas, was found dead near the scene near San Clemente Island, where the vehicle sank at 17:45 on Thursday. The 15th Marine Expeditionary said on Sunday that others from California, Texas, Wisconsin and Oregon were considered “dead.”

Bryan J. Baltierra, 18, from California, Evan Bath, 19, from Wisconsin, and Lance Corporal Chase D. Sweetwood, 19, from Oregon, were identified as the youngest of the victims. Friends Marines Lance Cpl. Marco A. Barranco, 21, California, Pfc. Jack Ryan Ostrovsky, 21 years old, Oregon, Cpl. 23-year-old Wesley A. Rodd and Cpl. Cesar A. Villanueva, 21, from California, is also assumed to be dead. A sailor, a member of the US Navy Hospital, is believed to have died at the 22-year-old California Gnem.

On Friday, “literally every asset we have” said that the Navy Commander Gen. Joseph Osterman was mobilized in search of the seven Marine Corps and Navy Corps.

They were among 16 crew members in an amphibious assault vehicle returning to a Navy ship Thursday evening after a routine training exercise when it began to take half a mile of water from San Clemente Island owned by the Navy near San Diego.

Osterman said other attack vehicles responded quickly, but could not stop the 26-ton, tank-like vehicle from sinking rapidly.

The vehicle is believed to have sunk 600 meters to the bottom of the ocean floor, it was too deep for divers, and the Navy and Coast Guard was discussing ways to reach the sunken vehicle. .

Family member Stars and Stripes told Corporal Rodd, 23, the biggest victim, recently become a father.

Lance Corporal Chase Sweetwood turned 19 when searching. Family members said on GoFundMe that his birthday was on Friday the next day after the accident.

Aunt Niki Stockdale, “Chase was one of the good ones in this life and was taken very early.”

Baltierra was only 18 at the time of her death, but the Marine Corps originally listed her as older. Her family said she was informed of her death during a home visit on Saturday.

Family My family and I pray for other victims and families involved in this terrible accident, ‘said his sister Natalie Baltierra. ‘We love you with all our heart, Bryan, and you will always be with us.’
Meanwhile, Seaman Gnem was planning to marry next year, his girlfriend announced.

I lost the love of my life. The purest and sweetest soul I have ever met. My absolute best friend in the world and my reason for living, ‘Gnem’s’ girlfriend Savannah Henne wrote to Facebook and called her ‘soul mate’.

Seven more sailors were rescued from the water; officials said the two people were in critical condition in a hospital after unspecified injuries.

One of the injured survivors was identified at GoFundMe as 22-year-old Dallas Truxal in Indiana. In a Sunday update, her aunt Catrina Parsons-Tomamichel wrote that she is now in a steady state and ‘asks for awake and when she can get back to work.”

All Marine Corps are linked to the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit in nearby Camp Pendleton. According to Osterman, they were all wearing combat gear, including body armor and buoyancy vests.

The 15th Sea Expeditionary Team tweeted after a 40-hour search that the rescue operation became a resurgence mission early on Sunday, and did not show any signs of life.

The sailors said on Twitter, ‘Keep our 15th MEU families in your thoughts and prayers.’

38. Commander General David H. Berger of the U.S. Marine Corps Corps said in the statements he made after the announcement, ‘I know that all of us in the USMC family are very upset after the announcement of the end of SAR operations’.

‘This difficult decision was made after all resources were exhausted.’
The vehicle, known as AAV but called “amtrac” for “amphibious tractor”, is used to land Marine Corps and its equipment from Navy ships.

The 13 sunken crafts involved in the drill were designed to float naturally and had three waterproof covers and two large wheel covers

Vehicles have been used since 1972 and are constantly being renewed. Marine Corps officials said on Friday that they did not know the age or other details of the sunken.

Marine Corps commander Gen. David Berger suspended the waterborne operations of more than 800 amphibious assault vehicles until the cause of the accident was identified.

Camp Pendleton Marines were injured or killed in amphibious assault vehicles during training exercises.

In 2017, 14 Sailors and a Navy sailor were taken to the hospital, firing a fire surrounding the landing vehicle at Camp Pendleton after their vehicles hit a natural gas line.

In 2011, a Maritime died when an amphibious assault vehicle sank out of the camp during an educational exercise.