Who is Jacqueline Michele DeLuca? (Party City) Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Career, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Who is Jacqueline Michele DeLuca? (Party City) Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Career
Who is Jacqueline Michele DeLuca? (Party City) Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Career

Jacqueline Michele DeLuca Wiki – Jacqueline Michele DeLuca Bio

Jacqueline Michele DeLuca of Union City performed a racial tirade on June 11 in a video she posted on Facebook. She has been fired by her employer, Party City in Secaucus after the outrage over the video. A glance at his Facebook shows that he studied at Emerson High School and lives in West New York, New Jersey. He also says that she is from Union City, New Jersey.

Jacqueline worked for Party City, an American publicly-traded party store retail chain founded in 1986 in Secaucus, New Jersey.

Jacqueline Michele DeLuca Facebook Video

Although he has since removed the video on Facebook, it has been widely shared on Twitter. The video contains racial quarrels and hatreds of blacks at a point that they want everyone to be killed. DeLuca begins by saying in the video that “I don’t like fucking blacks.” I fucking hate them. Expressing her reason for the hatred, she uses a racial slur that says, “A fucking” n-word “turned on a light and looked at me like it was my fault. At the end of the video, she says” Kill them all, brother. ” You can search Party City on Twitter to watch the video, which we have decided not to share due to the disturbing words.

Jacqueline Michele Has Since Issued An Apology

Jacqueline has since posted an apology on her Facebook saying,

  • “This is very hard to do being that my fear for everyone who chooses not to listen because no matter the situation or case to why I expressed myself this way in such a way will mean nothing. This is my apology to you ALL. I regret using such words against a race I know everyone is behind for and I never meant to hurt anyone in anyway. I let anger get the best of me at the moment and I ask as a human to please forgive what I’m trying to get across. This is NOT who I am and for those who know me I’m sorry again if this affected you and to those who don’t know me I’m sorry x 100000000 because this is not someone I wished ppl to know me by but someone who is about change and equality and with everything going on, I was sucked into the evil and confusion and with all that being said I wish to everyone around the world, I hope what life has become doesn’t affect you the way it has affected me.”

However, angry followers slammed her for the comments and are not ready to accept the apology. “Go f**k yourself no one cares stupid,” one comment read and another said, “Anyone accepting her apology? SMFH. Not meee!! And she’s from union city, even worst.” Another wrote, “You’ve been at this for a while though and about other races too. So saying ‘against a race i know everyone is behind’ doesn’t sound very sincere. This doesn’t even sound like an apology, more like an I’m sorry I got caught.”

Jacqueline Michele DeLuca Party City Employee Fired after a Racial Tirade

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests, the cancellation culture is strengthening on the Internet. People who do not show solidarity with the movement are the most affected and, in one of those incidents, a video appeared on the Internet where a woman could not stop launching abuses against the BLM movement. Soon, it began to be a trend, with people who canceled it and many even discovered where it worked. “I also have time! Her name is Jacqueline Michele DeLuca. She is from Union City. She works at Party City in Secaucus. Twitter, I need you to do your thing with this,” posted a Twitter user along with the 45 -Second video.

As soon as it was made public, Party City fired its employees along with a public comment on Twitter. “Today in Party City, we became aware of a disturbing video post and notified the appropriate authorities due to the threatening and unpleasant nature of the content. We have fired the employee who produced and posted the video. We have zero tolerance for this type of behavior. and language. ” Furthermore, it said: “Party City stands in solidarity with our black colleagues, clients and communities by condemning acts of racism, intolerance and hatred. Disregard for basic human rights of any kind has no place in our community or country, and certainly does not in Party City. ”

Jacqueline Michele DeLuca Facebook