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Who is Jamel Floyd? Wiki, Bio, Age, Cause Of Death, Family, Career, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Who is Jamel Floyd? Wiki, Bio, Age, Cause Of Death, Family, Career, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know
Who is Jamel Floyd? Wiki, Bio, Age, Cause Of Death, Family, Career, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Jamel Floyd Wiki – Jamel Floyd Bio

Jamel Floyd was a Brooklyn inmate who died in custody after staff sprayed him with pepper according to the Justice Department. The news has added to the ongoing assault on a series of racially charged deaths against black men that began with the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. George and Jamel Floyd are not related. On Twitter, most people call for the arrest of correctional officers who used a prohibited chemical weapon to control an inmate, who was already in his cell.

Jamel Floyd Age

Jamel Floyd was 35 years old.

Jamel Floyd Death & Cause

In a statement, the spokesperson said that agents at the Sunset Park blockade responded to Jamel Floyd’s cell around 10 a.m. after he broke the window of his cell door with a metal object. Officers then proceeded to spray him in an attempt to subdue him when he passed out. Prison medical personnel attempted to administer first aid, but soon called a local EMS, which transported Jamel to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. The Bureau of Prisons said the cause of his death was not immediately disclosed, but had definitely not been caused by Covid-19. Jail sources say Jamel died after suffering a heart attack, reports the Daily News. The agency revealed in a statement: “The FBI and the US Marshals Service were notified. No staff member or other inmates were injured.” The inmate had been locked up in the prison since last year in October, the agency revealed. The charges against him are not too clear or known.

As news of Jamel Floyd’s death spread, many outraged users of social media turned to Twitter to express their anger and frustration at extreme police brutality. One of those users wrote: “Has anyone ever heard of someone dying from pepper spray? I can’t even imagine how much it would have to be used to take someone’s life. #JamelFloyd #BLM # f ** kracists”. Another user shared: “I’m still going to say it anyway. #JamelFloyd was sprayed with pepper to death, in his own cell. A prisoner, in his cell, sprayed with pepper until death. Holy crap, the American penal system that show your colors, huh? ”

“Another man killed today. Killed by a racist and inhuman prison system. He was in a state of mental anguish and the prison guards. PEPPER SPRAYED HIM TO DEATH. #JamelFloyd,” commented another. While a fourth added: “Correctional officers killed Jamel Floyd, who was only 35 at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. They sprayed him with pepper until he was unconscious. Enough already. #JamelFloyd #NoJusticeNoPeace.” Meanwhile, another outraged user wrote, “This tells you a lot about the rot in our incarceration system. The @BureauOfPrisons sprayed #JamelFloyd with pepper because it could be ‘potentially self-injurious’ and then died.”

Jamel Floyd DOJ Response

The department of Justice has given the following response to the news of Floyd’s death from pepper-spraying.

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