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James Dale Reed
James Dale Reed

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A conspiracy allegedly kidnapped and executed by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris was raided by the Secret Service, and the “alleged murderer” was put behind bars after a criminal complaint was filed by the Secret Service on Wednesday, October 21st.

It was determined that the man who allegedly planned to commit the heinous crime was James Dale Reed. On October 4, 2020, in his hometown of Maryland, he approached a house with Biden Harris campaign signs in his front yard. Reed allegedly left a handwritten note containing graphic threats to Biden, Harris and their supporters. As Reed came to lay down the letter, the public caught the door camera.

James Dale Reed Arrested & Charge

At the top of the letter was written “WARNING” in large red letters, and also “will be targeted” if they support the Democrats. The threat continues, “We have a list of homes and addresses next to your election signs. We are the ones with those terrible weapons, the nightmares of your children,” the threat continues. The graphic letter goes on to provide details on how Harris plans to sodomize and defeat “Grandpa Biden” before executing it on national television.
Letter (US Department of Justice)
Reed denied leaving the letter while interviewing at home on October 13, 2020. However, he confessed to writing two days later and was arrested.

“We take such threats very seriously. Threats of this type are illegal and have no place in our democracy, and we will hold them responsible. We are grateful to the arrest of the Frederick City Police Department and ultimately Mr. Reed.” for the aid of citizens who provided the clues that led to these federal charges. ”

Currently, he faces a federal threat against 42-year-old Biden and Harris. If convicted, Reed faces a maximum sentence of five years. Reed was previously known to the Secret Service for making a threatening statement against a person under his protection in 2014.

CBS reporter Kelsey Kushner shared the news on Twitter and wrote: “James Reed, 42, was arrested and charged for allegedly leaving a letter at Theresa Posthuma’s door – threatening to beat and kill Presidential Candidate Joe #Biden and Kamala # Harris. Theresa. Says her stomach got knotted while reading the letter. @Wjz
# maryland. ”

One republican retweeted the tweet and said, “But can others post music videos, comedy sketches, bomb threats to the White House, and even pictures decapitating the President’s head and all the crickets ?! OK”