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James Harris
James Harris

James Harris Wiki – James Harris Biography

James Harris, a professional wrestling legend who performed under the name of “Kamala: The Ugandan Giant,” has passed away. James Harris Born on May 28, 1950 in Senatobia, Mississippi, Harris grew up in Jim Crow South and tried to collect cotton and drive trucks. He soon moved to Benton Harbor in Michigan, where he started his wrestling career under the tutelage of wrestler Bobo Brazil. He wrestled under the nicknames Sugar Bear Harris and Mississippi Mauler before adopting the name Kamala.

Standing 6’7 ″ and weighing 380 pounds, fans knew Harris as the wrestling superstar “Kamala” or “Ugandan Devi”. Kamala was characterized by an African mask, war paint, and loincloth. He entered the ring barefoot and hardly said any words and was very primitive in terrorizing his opponents. Until 2006, Mid-South was a fan favorite for wrestling in World Class Championship Wrestling, WCW, and WWE.

James Harris Age

He was 70 years old.

James Harris Career

His career peaked during the heyday of WWF-now-WWE in the 80s, Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Hulk Hogan. He fought Andre the Giant in a series of matches before stepping back from the stage in 1984.

He returned to the WWF in 1986, under the new direction of The Wizard, and was “led” by a masked man named Kim Chee. He also faced Hulk Hogan in numerous matches for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship. Withdrew from WWF in 1987.

As Kamala, Mr. Harris spoke with a grunt and could not speak English as alleged. In reality, Jim was in ninth grade who earned a living by picking cotton from Crow South, driving trucks, and even – he said – committing petty crimes. Benton Harbor, Mich., Where his family was at the age of 25. Wrestling became a last resort when it couldn’t find a job.

Mr Harris, who first wrestled under names like Sugar Bear Harris and Mississippi Mauler, had a chance meeting in 1982 with Lawler, who later became the organizer of the Continental Wrestling Association.

Impressed by Mr. Harris’s size, Lawler presented him with the prototype of his final character: Kimala, a caricature of Ugandan dictator Idi Amin. Lawler filmed an ad where Mr Harris took a storm from the forest – replacing African bushes in Lawler’s untamed backyard – and aired it on Memphis TV, which was an instant success. The character soon became known as Kamala.

“Lawler asked me if I would be ashamed to do this, but I am not ashamed of doing such things,” Mr Harris said in 2006 when asked hobotrashcan.com whether the role was offensive or humiliating.

Mr Harris compensated for his lack of traditional grappling skills with his extreme agility and wild-man showmanship for a man of his size. The slow Southern glamor didn’t match the noisy nonsense of his contemporaries, so his character’s squeaking and grunts served him well.

Highlights of his career included several main event matches in 1986 against champion Hogan, who was then the world’s most popular wrestler. Backstage, Mr. Harris was paid much less than other wrestlers at WWF, and recalled his owner Vince McMahon refusing to demand more money.

“I think you belittle me for being a poor kid from Mississippi and I don’t mind telling anyone that I am not well educated,” he told the CBS branch in Memphis later. “I’m a ninth grade student, but I can count.”

Mr Harris returned to truck driving and wrestled with WWF for several rival companies, including Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling. His last match in the independent circuit was in 2010. He was diagnosed with diabetes in 1992 but neglected treatment and gained considerable weight, amputated his first leg in 2011 and the second leg the following year.

James Harris Death & Cause

The cause of death was not specified in the WWE statement, but the wrestler died of the coronavirus, according to a Facebook post by Kenny Casanova, one of the authors of Harris’s autobiography. The Washington Post said Harris suffered from many health problems and that both legs had been amputated in recent years due to diabetes complications.