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James Heerdegen
James Heerdegen

James Heerdegen Wiki – James Heerdegen Biography

James Heerdegen is known as her husband, Christina Ricci, an American actress and producer. It is known to play unusual characters with a dark edge. According to TMZ, she filed for divorce from her husband after almost 7 years of marriage.

“Casper” and “Addams Family” star L.A. on Thursday, July 2. Ricci’s “Pan Am.” While working on the series, he applied to the filmmaker James Heerdegen, whom he met in 2011. They got married on October 26, 2013 in NYC.

James Heerdegen Career

Heerdegen is not as well known as the actress but has been working in the same industry for more than ten years. Heerdegen is a man behind the scenes. A member of the camera team responsible for carrying the camera dolly (the wheel car structure where the camera sits) works as a dolly grip. Heerdegen’s résumé, after wandering around for a while with lesser-known projects, was comprehensive (great truth: his first job was a grip for a movie called Da Hip Hop Witch, which I can best say – a Blair Witch post-up), Heedergen is now much more working on big projects. You have Heerdegen to partially thank you for shooting the Elementary movie inspired by Revolutionary Road, Captain Philips, and Sherlock Holmes.

Heerdegen And Ricci Wedding & Divorce

Ricci and Heerdegen, ABC’s flight crew Pan Am. The show was unfortunately canceled halfway through its first season. But the couple had no love – as reported, the two reportedly started dating in February 2012. The two have been together since the beginning of 2012 and just shy a year ago. No doubt you may wonder about the proud new pope, even though you know more about Ricci from her husband. Consider your starting course in Heerdegen studies.

The two tied the knot on October 26, 2013, after confirming that they were engaged in February of this year. They said “I am doing it” at a small ceremony at Harold Pratt House and Peterson Hall on the Upper East Side. According to TMZ, Ricci filed for divorce from her husband on July 2, 2020 after about 7 years of marriage. Ricci previously got engaged to actor Owen Benjamin, whose screen credits included House Bunny and Jack and Jill. Ricci and Benjamin never went down the hall, so Heerdegen is Ricci’s first husband.