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James Lionel Johnson

James Lionel Johnson Wiki – James Lionel Johnson Bio

An anonymous officer of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency shot and killed 32-year-old Dominique Williams and 38-year-old James Lionel Johnson, both from Maryland.

According to local police, an absent Pentagon cop shot and killed two people he believed entered a car in Maryland early Wednesday.

James Lionel Johnson Age

He was 38 years old.

James Lionel Johnson Shot & Dead

Shortly after 05:00, TPPD officers responded to several reports of shooting at Takoma Overlook Condominiums on New Hampshire Boulevard.

After they arrived, an off-duty PFPA officer was approached by an on-duty PFPA officer who stated that he had fired his service gun at the suspects and said they had fled when he confronted them for what he believed was an ongoing car theft, saying they did not follow their orders. .

Takoma Park Police, two victims, Williams and Johnson, were transferred to Prince George Hospital, where they later died of bullet wounds.

Police Statement & Investigation

Officers say they responded to the guns fired in the parking lot of the Takoma Overlook Condominiums around 5 am on Wednesday. When they arrived, they said that an off-duty Pentagon Force Protection Corps Police Officer had told them of a break-in and fired on two suspects who were trying to escape the scene with a vehicle.

Shortly after, Williams and Johnson arrived at Prince George’s Hospital, where they died of bullet wounds.

According to the Pentagon Power Protection Agency, the officer was on administrative leave pending the results of the Takoma Park police investigation.

Police died around 5 am Wednesday when they encountered police in a parking lot outside a Takoma Park condominium building. Takoma Park police said the police officer fired his gun after seeing an attempt to break into a car.

The officer was not identified, but a Pentagon spokesman said he had been in power since July 2019. He was previously a federal police officer and also served as an Army Military Police officer and a combat crew in the Air Force. said the spokesman.

Little details have been disclosed regarding the shooting by the authorities. Takoma Park police officials said there were at least three people in addition to the officer on duty at the first encounter. Authorities said the officer told them that a car was possibly entered with an unspecified number of people.

Williams and Johnson were later revealed with bullet wounds at Prince George’s Hospital Center. They died there shortly thereafter.

Identifying herself as a relative of James Johnson when reached by phone, Veronica Johnson said her immediate family was not ready to make a statement. The Williams family was not immediately reached on Thursday.

Neither the Takoma Park police nor the Pentagon reported in their recent news whether the shooting police was under threat during the encounter or whether anyone else was armed at the scene. The Pentagon statement listed regulations that could come into play in this situation.
One notes that using law enforcement while off duty is often limited to “a serious breach of peace (when violence is committed or threatened immediately), including assault and threats of killing, injury or mutilation.”

Another regulation manages escaped vehicles. Firearms can be fired in moving vehicles when an employee has a reasonable basis to believe that the vehicle poses an imminent death threat or serious bodily harm to the employee or other, according to the regulation, according to the Pentagon spokesperson. “Employees inside a vehicle will not fire a firearm at anyone outside of their vehicle or in another vehicle.”

According to the spokesperson’s statement, Pentagon police officers have been allowed to take their officer weapons home while off duty since 9/11. According to the Pentagon, the officer is up to date on all force and firearm capabilities.


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