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James Thompson
James Thompson

James Thompson Wiki – James Thompson Biography

Former Illinois Governor James R. Thompson, known as “Big Jim” during a long career, eventually making her the longest serving general manager in the state, died.

In a time when there was something like a liberal Republican politician, James Thompson was the rising star of the GOP.

“Big Jim” – stood 6 feet 6 inches – was Illinois’s longest-serving governor. The native Chicagoan was elected four times and served 14 years. Despite being the most popular governor of the past half century, his mention of his candidacy as a Republican presidential candidate in the late 1970s was partly due to his strong beliefs, beliefs, that he refused to leave only to realize his lifelong dream.

James Thompson Age

James Robert Thompson Jr. was born on May 8, 1936 in the West End of Chicago. He was 84 years old.

James Thompson Background

Before becoming governor, Thompson was an assistant attorney general and a U.S. lawyer, and former Governor Otto Kerner Jr.

James Thompson Death & Cause

Thompson died shortly after 8 pm. On Friday, Shirley Ryan at AbilityLab in Chicago told her husband Jayne to the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times. The Tribune reported that Thompson recovered there for several weeks after suffering from a heart condition, citing a police report.

James Thompson Education

Thompson attended the University of Illinois on its campus at Navy Pier; In his third year, St. He transferred to Washington University in Louis. Later, he attended law school at Northwestern University and graduated in 1959.

After college, he became a prosecutor at the Cook County State Attorney’s office headed by Benjamin Adamowski, a Republican reformer with mayoral ambitions who happily pursued Democratic corruption.

James Thompson Family

His Swedish mother, Agnes Swanson, grew up on a farm in DeKalb. At the DeKalb Library, he met his father, whom everyone called “Bob” and later “Tommy”. They moved to Chicago, where Bob Thompson worked as a morgue steward and worked to become a doctor. The boy they call “Jimmy” got his medical license when he was 8 years old.

The family lived in Garfield Park, and Thompson attended Morse Primary School, then North Park Academy, a private school. She did not appear in high school and was referred to by her classmates as the “shy girl”.

James Thompson Career

In 1961, Thompson worked for the new state’s lawyer, Democrat, and future Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Daniel Ward.

As a young prosecutor in the early 1960s, Thompson made a name for himself as an obscenity hater who was arrested in Chicago after holding a photograph of a woman’s breast onstage at The Gate, fighting pornography and prosecuting the abusive comedian Lenny Bruce. He went after Horn in 1962. Thompson followed Bruce with an urgent urgency that he called for his defense in the following years.

As a zealous federal prosecutor in the early 1970s, he precipitated the collapse of Cook County’s Democratic machine. Thompson helped jail an Illinois governor early in his career, and towards the end of his career, he worked tirelessly and in vain to keep someone else out of jail.
As governor, Thompson encouraged the construction of more highways and prisons than any other governor – he needed these prisons to accommodate all prisoners incarcerated after Class X had crossed the mandatory minimum in his early period.

Thompson expanded McCormick Place, the team fought to keep the White Sox in Chicago while on a plane bound for Florida, and later built the $ 173 million salmon and blue Loop government office building that it was named after. It also supported the laws that paved the way for United Center.

In order to do all this, however, he had to raise taxes – the largest increase ever in state history – which led to its recent decline in popularity, especially after the legislature had doubled his pension.

Thompson brought tremendous growth and profitability by running the powerful Winston & Strawn law firm as president and CEO for more than two decades after leaving office, but questions were raised by the millions of dollars of billable hours spent defending former governor George Ryan – in particular, Is this done for public spirit or self-interest? Thompson’s record was also marred by her presence on the corporate boards of several companies stuck in the scandal, including Hollinger International when the Chicago Sun-Times was owned.

Spending the second half of his career in the legal field was an unwanted breakup for Thompson, who always saw himself at the top of politics.

James Thompson Record of Prosecuting Corruption

Thompson was appointed to the post by President Richard Nixon and worked closely with Attorney General John Mitchell, pursuing Democratic goals, such as former Governor Otto Kerner, who became the federal appeals judge. Thompson sent Kerner to prison for changing appropriate horse racing dates in exchange for being allowed to buy racetrack stock at bargain prices; This is the opening salvo of a surprising ten-year corruption trial.

Thompson unfortunately joined the IRS to create a public corruption unit called CRIMP – for “Crime, Extortion, Influence, Money and Politicians”. He chased down figures, including Cook County Clerk Edward Barrett, who was trapped for accepting bribes. He also argued in an appeal following the Chicago Seven Conspiracy cases.

“He was one of the best verbal advocates I have ever followed, especially the appeals of disrespect to the Chicago Seven,” said retired Judge Paul Biebel, former head of the Cook County Criminal Court. Biebel called him “master”.

Thompson also exposed voter fraud in the 1972 primary elections. His staff found that 50% of the votes cast in some areas of Chicago were fake. He tried district captains and election judges – a total of 83 indictments, but Thompson said fraud was so widespread that he could open 1,000 indictments if he had the manpower. Sixty-six of the defendants pleaded guilty or were convicted.