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Jarrett Morford
Jarrett Morford

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Authorities have identified Jarrett Morford as a broken-mouthed 20-year-old Sailor who just came out of a training camp in a viral video claiming that “China will pay” the price of handling the coronavirus. He is under investigation for a racist speech that threatened to target the Chinese people at the time of his assignment.

Jarrett Morford Video

The viral 32-second clip was posted by a noncommissioned army officer on Twitter on Thursday. It shows the pfc. Jarrett Morford, 20, reported that he used racist insults against Chinese citizens when referring to the caliber of bullets used in standard rifles delivered to the Navy.

“It was China’s fault, as Mr. Trump said on Twitter today,” Morford said while in his uniform. “China will pay for what they did to this country and the world. I don’t care!”

It is unclear exactly which tweet Morford is referring to, but President Trump has repeatedly described COVID-19 as the “Chinese virus”, including on Thursday, while promising to continue imposing tariffs against the nation.

The post showing Morford’s surplus has been retweeted more than 4,300 times as of Friday. “Does anyone know this racist?” tweet read. “It’s hard to tell where it is, and unfortunately there is no name registration.”

Jarrett Morford Windsor Colorado Marine

Stars and Stripes, Morford from Windsor, Colorado, graduated from training camp in August and is currently training for a communications job in Twentynine Palms, California.

Jarrett Morford Reddit

Redditors splintered Morford in the comments to the post r / PublicFreakous. “These are the types of scum trying to be police officers,” one user wrote. “Not having enough strength and being the youngest of the team.” Another added, “You can see from your eyes that you are not playing with the full deck.”


A Marine Corps spokesman said to the point of departure that an investigation into Morford’s earnings was under way and promised “appropriate action” at his order.

“There is no room for racism in the Marine Corps,” Captain Joseph Butterfield told Stars and Stripes. “Those who, regardless of their background, cannot value the contributions of others are destructive to our culture and do not represent our core values.”