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Jasmine Archer-Jones
Jasmine Archer-Jones

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Jasmine Archer-Jones was the winner of the Miss Swimsuit UK 2019 Competition, who was stripped of her title after posting a Facebook post asking if George Floyd was “innocent”, pointing to his criminal record and declaring: “All lives matter ”

After drawing attention to the Facebook post with Archer-Jones. While the Instagram page for Miss Swimsuit UK now lists model Kianna Louise as the current queen, its official website does not define a queen for 2019.

Jasmine Archer-Jones Age

She is 23 years old.

Jasmine Archer-Jones Facebook Post

Despite being deleted, Archer-Jones’s Facebook post of June 3 was involved in the Black Life Issue movement and nationwide protests that have erupted since George Floyd’s murder by the Minneapolis police in May. Metro, a news magazine from the UK, loaded the screen door of the post.

At the top of his mission, Archer-Jones said, “Personal opinion! If you don’t want to know, don’t read. He later claimed that in 2020, more unarmed white people from Black were shot dead by the police. According to the Washington Post, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was also featured in a press briefing this week, but is considered misleading due to the proportional population.

Archer-Jones later complained of “them” – probably white people – “protesting, looting, taking over social media, creating a day for their race, or even raising $ 10.3 million to help the passerby.” “Black Crime on Black has caused most of the deaths of black people,” he says.

She also said that she had “yet to see hard evidence” that Floyd was “innocent,” noting that video footage showed him doing things that “warrant for the police officers to use whatever means necessary to restrain the person.” Floyd also “supposedly had drugs in his system,” she added, claiming that Floyd’s autopsy results would likely not be released.

Heavy reported that Floyd’s autopsy results were published on June 3. The district medical expert determined that he died of murder.

Archer-Jones, Deleting Her From the Official Website & Instagram Page

Although Sun won the title of Archer-Jones, he reported that the contest was quietly cleared from his website. According to Outlet’s report, a source released it to support the organization’s “Black Lives Matter protest and could not be associated with it.” Said.

Heavy reached Miss Swimsuit UK for comment, but has not heard anything yet. Although the previous winners are listed and illustrated on the competition’s website, the 2019 monarch is not dominating. Although the contest’s Instagram page is now private, its description lists Kianna Louise as the current queen.

Against The Competition from Anti-Black Lives Matter

When the UK outlets released news that Archer-Jones had lost his title, a rush of Twitter and Facebook comments arose, demanding that his title be renewed.

“You are a complete joke,” wrote one London man on a Miss Swimsuit UK Facebook post. “Taking away a crown of a beautiful girl just because she said something which is actually true. She now lives in USA and is entitled to an opinion. You bunch of pathetic morons.”

On Twitter, some users opposed the “Marxist BLM attack”. “If it was black and had a perspective, would it be removed from the crown?” Asked.

American right-wing commentator Jack Posobiec made a statement about the incident, saying “It is racist to ask for evidence” on Twitter.

Archer-Jones Deleted the Post

Although the annoying Facebook post was deleted from the page, Archer-Jones posted and shared a series of posts criticizing Black Lives Matter and George Floyd on the same day on June 3. Expressing solidarity with Black Life Lives Matter protesters, Houston, Texas shared a video of controversial Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson, who criticized Police Chief Art Acevedo. Many followers told Archer-Jones that they still supported him after the news of the robbery of his head appeared on Friday.

She also shared a plot theory about Floyd with less charitable answers on Facebook. The mission claimed that Floyd’s death was a “fake flag” incident and attributed it to President Donald Trump’s coronavirus outbreak and accusation earlier this year.

Its Twitter Account Appears to Have Been Deleted

Although Miss Swimsuit UK has just been posted on the organization’s Facebook page, it has yet to make a general statement about Archer-Jones’ situation. On Friday, the official Instagram page was specially set up.

Official website linked to a Twitter account that appears to be deleted. The organization on the official site says that its aim is to “shape the beauty stars of tomorrow, meet the demand for eye-catching, accessible role models that they can desire and imitate among today’s social media generation”.

It appears that Archer-Jones has locked his Twitter account. Heavy reached her and Miss Swimsuit UK to comment, but she hadn’t come back on Friday afternoon.