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Jason Copenhaver

Jason Copenhaver Wiki – Jason Copenhaver Biography

Jason Copenhaver is the Florida man accused of spitting on a child’s face at a restaurant and then telling the boy, “You now have coronavirus.”

Jason Copenhaver accused of what? Actual story

Jason Copenhaver is the Florida man who was accused of spitting on a boy’s face at a restaurant and then told the boy, “You now have the coronavirus.”
Copenhaver, 47, was arrested and faces charges of a misdemeanor. According to the arrest report, Copenhaver also attempted to shoot a staff member before being forced out of the restaurant. He told police officers that he had never been tested for COVID-19 and was not sure if he was infected with the virus.

Jason Copenhaver Incident Detail

The conflict took place on Treasure Island, located west of Tampa in the Gulf of Mexico.
Fox13 reported that the clashes took place at Ricky T’s on Treasure Island on 2 August. According to the arrest statement, Copenhaver entered the restaurant around 9:30 am. and approached a boy wearing a mask. The age of the child was not specified in the sworn statement, but it was stated that he was not of age.

Copenhaver approached the boy sitting at a table and told him to remove his mask. Copenhaver then asked the victim if he could shake his hand. The victim denied both requests.
However, according to the arrest report, Copenhaver still took the victim’s hand and approached the victim’s face. Police said Copenhaver told the boy, “You now have the coronavirus,” and that Copenhaver’s saliva landed on the boy’s face. “The victim said that the defendant was so close that particles were spilled from the defendant’s mouth to his face,” the report said.
After interacting with the boy, he turned to the Copenhaver restaurant bar. According to the arrest report, Copenhaver was not wearing shoes and at that time looked drunk.
One male staff said to sit down. Copenhaver was later accused of threatening the worker and tried to hit him twice. “The restaurant staff took physical control of the defendants and walked outside, holding the suspect to the ground while awaiting the arrival of officers,” Affidavit said.
The officer who filled the declaration stated that Copenhaver was under the influence of alcohol. According to the report, Copenhaver did not appear to be under the influence of drugs, and the officer did not think it was an indicator of mental health problems.

Jason Copenhaver Not Pleaded Guilty

According to Pinellas County records, Copenhaver made an innocent defense through his lawyer on August 5. He waived his right to attend a court hearing.
The court lists lawyer Sean McQuaid as the defense lawyer of Copenhaver. Heavy contacted Mr. McQuaid to comment on the case. We haven’t received any response yet.
We also asked if Copenhaver has been tested for coronavirus since the arrest, or if there are plans to build one. The arrest statement stated that Copenhaver told police that he was not sure if it was COVID-19 and had not been tested.

Who is Jason Copenhaver what is his job where he lives Facts to know?

Copenhaver lives north of Treasure Island on Redington Shores, according to his arrest statement. The report states that Copenhaver is self-employed, but it was not immediately clear what kind of business Copenhaver was engaged in. A search in the online records lists three vehicles to Copenhaver’s name and includes a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case at the North Carolina East Bankruptcy Court in 1997. .
His record in Pinellas County lists only a few traffic violations. Copenhaver paid a small fee for violating an open container law in 1995. It was stated that he accelerated in 1996 and did not have a valid driver’s license. He also paid a fine in 2003 for failing to comply with a traffic control device.