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Jason Neo Bourne
Jason Neo Bourne

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Jason Neo Bourne, 38, is accused of shooting 39-year-old Jordanian-American mother Diana Hawatmeh and an unidentified 33-year-old woman at the 1400 block of Stonelake Cove Street in Henderson County on Tuesday morning.
A neighbor accused of shooting a 39-year-old mother, a Zumba instructor, her 12-year-old son, and a family maid in Nevada was a drug addict who fired on the victims this week because she thought they were complaining about drug addiction. according to the authorities.

Jason Neo Bourne killed a 12-year-old boy

Hawatmeh’s 16-year-old daughter, Yasmeen, was also injured and hospitalized but is expected to survive.

His 12-year-old son, Joseph, was killed after police clashed with the suspect, who was identified as the family’s upstairs neighbor.

Police said they arrived at the scene at around 11:00 pm and found Bourne in a car while taking Joseph hostage.

He held a gun against the boy’s head and a shot was opened, involving the police, which killed both Joseph and Bourne.

It is not clear who fired the guns that killed the boy.

New details have now emerged about the circumstances surrounding the triple murder.

A spokesman for the Jordanian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that Bourne was a ‘drug addict’, and a preliminary investigation revealed that the Hawatmeh family went on a killing attack because they believed they had filed a complaint against him for alleged drug abuse.

Alfayez cited this as the suspicious reason behind the killer’s going to the family’s house and opening fire.

“The Jordanian Embassy in Washington is following the incident that led to the death of a Jordanian woman and her son,” said Daifallah Alfayez, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson.

The Henderson Police Department spokesman refused to confirm or deny the details provided by the Jordanian authorities, telling DailyMail.com that they would not provide further information about the incident for weeks.

The police also did not confirm whether Joseph was shot by Bourne or by the police when they opened fire on the car with the boy inside.

A statement from the police noted that a preliminary investigation determined Bourne ‘fired more than one bullet inside the vehicle’.

Six officers were sentenced on paid administrative leave until the investigation was concluded.

Henderson police identified the officers involved in the Thursday shooting as Officer Jesse Hehn, Officer James Pendleton, Officer Philip Duffy, Officer Brett Anderson, Officer Jesse Lujan, Officer Seth Price, and Officer Luiz Amezcua.

The 33-year-old victim was also not officially identified, but Jordanian officials said she was the family’s maid.

He is not believed to be Jordanian, but his nationality is otherwise unknown.

The Jordanian Embassy is working with Nevada officials on the investigation.

DailyMail.com contacted the Jordanian Embassy in Washington and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expats in Jordan for details.

The incident emerged Tuesday at 11:00 am when police and paramedics were sent to the 1400 block of Stonelake Cove Boulevard to report gunshots and someone was lying on the floor at the door of an apartment building.

Officers, Diana and her 33-year-old woman died from bullet wounds and Yasmeen was injured.

12-year-old Joseph was held hostage while the police armed the suspected hitman with a gun and set up a barricade in a nearby vehicle.

“As the officers tried to alleviate the situation, Bourne handed his firearm over the boy’s head and resulted in a fire involving the police,” the police press release said.

The police pulled the boy out of the car and attempted CPR, but it was announced that he died on the scene along with Bourne.

Police said Bourne was the family’s neighbor and lived above their apartment in Hawatmeh.

The police did not provide any further details and did not formally identify the victims.

However, earlier this week they were called local.

Relatives and friends said that Diana and her family split their time between Sandy, Utah, and Nevada, Henderson.

Diana worked as a substitute teacher at Saint John the Baptist Secondary School in Utah, where her son, whom her loved ones know as JoJo, is a seventh grade student.

He was also a Zumba instructor and entrepreneur.

According to a letter, the Skaggs Catholic Center community of which Diana was an active member, her husband and eldest son Layth did not get involved in the shooting in Nevada.

During a vigil in Draper, Utah on Wednesday night, around 200 friends and community members mourned and prayed for the victims.

He was one of his kind. He was special. He was graceful. It was elegant. She was kind and very kind, ‘Diana’s close friend Mary Ann Horn told Fox 13.

Galey Colosimo, principal of Juan Diego Catholic High School, described the shooting that took the life of Diana and Joseph Hawatmeh as an ‘instinctive fist’ and ‘a tragedy of untold proportions’.

“She was a faithful woman, a very family-oriented mother and wife,” her married mother of three children told Deseret News, “a very lively, very fun loving and very energetic, beautiful woman.”

Felicia Frakes, the secretary of Saint John The Baptist Secondary School, said that Joseph loved the theater and attended school games, the younger sister of Juan Diego Catholic High School sang in the choir and played volleyball.

Henderson Police said this was the sixth fire in the city this year in which the police were involved.