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Jay Bishop
Jay Bishop

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According to the leader of the Patriot Prayer, a Washington organization and a major Oregon newspaper, Jay Bishop, whose real name is Aaron Danielson, has been described as the man who was shot dead after a pro-Trump caravan broke down in Portland, Oregon.

Graphic photos have emerged showing Danielson’s body lying at the scene. Warn in advance that the pictures are too disturbing. At the same time, a disturbing video seems to show a person shooting at close range as Danielson was walking down the street. You can watch it below.

Jay Bishop Shot & Killed

According to The New York Times, Jay Bishop “belonged to a right-wing group.” On August 29, “a major supporter of President Trump while traveling in a trailer in downtown Portland” was shot and killed. The group was part of a “pro-Trump rally” that “pulled hundreds of trucks full of supporters into the city,” the Times reported. The Times reported that Trump supporters and counter-protesters “clashed in the streets, shooting paintball guns from the beds of turntables and protesters throwing objects back at them.” Oregon Live described the Patriot Prayer as “a loosely organized right-wing group that has been involved in repeated fights with left-wing anti-fascist groups.”

According to Oregon Live, “fights broke out” after the caravan broke down. The newspaper described Bishop as “friend and supporter” of the Vancouver-based Patriot Prayer, and the New York Times described him as “affiliated with a right-wing group”. The newspaper described the organization as “a right-wing organization that has organized regular protests in Portland for years”.

Portland has been the focus of the unrest since George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis. Clashes between President Trump and local officials over the presence of federal law enforcement in the city made headlines. The name of the suspect has not been made public yet. Danielson’s death caused a verbal conflict between President Donald Trump and Mayor Ted Wheeler over who to blame.

Portland Police Bureau Chief Chuck Lovell asked anyone with information to stand out, including video or eyewitness accounts.
Before the conflict, he said at a press conference, “There was a political rally in Portland with a car trailer traveling for several hours.” There were some clashes between the demonstrators and the protesters, and the police made several arrests. The caravan covered many kilometers, and officers responded and secured a presence at different locations as the identified problems arose, and even made arrests when necessary. ”

The vehicle trailer had already cleared the area during the conflict. Officers are still collecting information to determine “what caused this death”.

“People are free to disagree but criminal activities, especially violence, are out of bounds,” said Lovell.

The Death Led to a War


He promised to hold the “responsible” responsible. He said he condemned “violence” and said “no matter who you are and what politics are, we all have to stop the violence.”

Wheeler urged people not to come to “revenge” and “stay away to alleviate this situation.”
At the press conference, Mayor Wheeler strongly criticized Donald Trump for everything from rhetorical attacks on “Democratic mayors” to former Republican Senator John McCain. “Are you seriously curious Mr. President, what is the reason why America has experienced so much violence for the first time in decades? You are the creator of hatred and division. You are the one who does not say the names of the Blacks killed by police officers… you are the ones who claim that the white supremacists are good people. “He called Trump” anti-Democratic. “He said America needs you” to be stopped “referring to Trump.

He said that the people at the rally were “supported and mobilized by the president himself.” President Trump, we have had to live with you and your racist attacks against Blacks for four years. We learned early about your sexist attitudes towards women. ”

Noting that a 16-year-old African-American teenager was recently shot dead in another incident, he added that this death did not make headlines. “Portland desperately needs calm,” Lovell said.

“Hey Ted Wheeler, nobody believes Trump hurts your feelings with bad words, that’s why ANTIFA destroyed Portland,” Trump tweeted by a writer / comedian.

“Watching his City’s massive death and destruction during his tenure, Portland’s frenetic Radical Left Does Nothing Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler thinks this lawless situation must continue forever. False! Portland, as a President, will never recover with a fool… They tried to mingle with the Mixers and Anarchists and mocked him. He wanted to blame me and the Federal Government for getting in, but he hasn’t seen anything yet. We were only there with a small group to defend our US Courthouse because he couldn’t do that… .. The people of Portland want Law and Order, like all other cities and parts of our great Country. The Radical Left Democratic Mayors, like the puppet running Portland or the man who doesn’t want to lead crime in the basement and even speak out against crime, they’ll never be able to do it! LAW AND ORDER !!! ”

Bishop Was Described

Joey Gibson wrote on Facebook: “I’m getting a lot of questions, so I thought I’d make this post. 1- We love Jay and he had such a big heart. God bless him and the life he lives. 2-I’ll wait to make any press release until the family does. 3 – If you have planned to go on a boat tour please go! I know Jay would love to look down from heaven and see tons of American flags on the Columbia river today. I’m not going to participate, but I hope you all enjoy it outside. Fly them for Jay. God bless you all. ”

In January 2019, police announced that they found three rifles in a bag above a downtown garage before the protest, according to Oregon Live.
The mayor referred to it as “a stash of arms” and said that they were committed to the Patriotic Prayer.

However, police said they found four people with three rifles in the garage, that they had secret gun licenses and were not breaking the law or endangering the public.

According to Oregon Live, the men said they were planning to “act as a rapid landing team” if a member of their group was injured during a protest.

GoFoundMe Page Statement

Gibson shared a GoFundMe page for Aaron Danielson, which he said was the original page; warned people that fake GoFundMe pages are also being built.
Almost $ 5,000 was raised.

Aaron “Jay” Danielson “was a Portland citizen who went to the city center to express his views during the riot and was shot dead on Saturday, August 29. There are many fake go fund me accounts set up. This is the OFFICIAL page where the family will be supported. Please go to other pages claiming it is for the family. Don’t donate. Thank you for your support, ”writes on the official GoFundMe page.

Support for Bishop / Danielson erupted among the conservatives who wrote on Gibson’s page. “I think his family should sue the city council, the mayor and the government for letting this happen and not protecting the citizens … they want to blame Trump, but he is offering help and the mayor and the gov have denied it,” one woman wrote. . .

This is very devastating. To be killed for your beliefs. Wheeler and Brown blame Trump instead of taking responsibility. This is ridiculous, and unfortunately I believe this is the beginning of a civil war that has been fermenting for some time. RIP Patriot ”, another person wrote on the page.