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Jaydon James
Jaydon James

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Jaydon James died from a single stab wound after being stabbed in the Wood End area of Coventry. A gangland killer was spotted on CCTV with a knife hidden in the cover of his jacket before stabbing him and his accomplice to stabbing a 16-year-old ‘charming’ boy. The teenager was with friends in a bowling alley when he was chased and fatally stabbed amidst the ‘ongoing vendetta’ between two rival gangs.

Facts You Need To Know

  • Jaydon James, 16, was chased and fatally stabbed during the attack in Coventry
  • Police found CCTV of one killer, Frank Kenfack, 18, leaving a vehicle on that night
  • CCTV appeared to show a hidden item, believed to be a knife, in Kenfack’s jacket
  • Kenfack and accomplice Abdi Hussein Abdi, 21, found guilty of Jaydon’s murder 


Detectives later found CCTV footage of Frank Kenfack, one of Jaydon’s murderers, left that night of a car with an object hidden in his jacket.

They believe that the object shown to block Kenfack’s movement was the knife used to stab Jaydon.

Kenfack, now 18, and his accomplice Abdi Hussein Abdi have been found guilty of the Jaydon murder. Both will be sentenced to life imprisonment, and will be sentenced on Wednesday.

During a hearing at Warwick Crown Court, jurors heard how Jaydon was attacked with friends in the Wood End area of ​​Coventry in November 2018.

The group was spotted on CCTV on Hillmorton Road before the attack.

The court heard the assailants Abdi and Kenfack heading into the rival group’s territory in a black Peugeot before Jaydon was chased to the driveway of a church.

There he was stabbed fatally. Both of his friends suffered non-fatal stab wounds.

QC prosecutor Michael Burrows, who filed a case against two people at the hearing that began in September, said the murder followed a series of incidents involving RB7 and C2 gangs.

The prosecutor told the court that the ‘perceived territory’ of the C2 gang was the CV2 postcode containing Wood End, while members of RB7 came from downtown Coventry and surrounding areas. Mr. Burrows told the jury: “The rivalry between the two gangs led to a series of serious violence.”

A few weeks before his death, Jaydon had told his mother that the gang members in RB7 were afraid to attack him.

Days later he was punched and his coat and cell phone stolen.

Mr Burrows added: ‘Of course, Jaydon James is not here to tell us who attacked him the night he was killed, but from what he told his mother, it is clear that he was targeted and attacked by men he determined to be from RB7. . ‘

Detective Inspector Stuart Mobberley of the West Midlands Police said, “ This was a young boy whose life was taken so brutally just 11 days after his 16th birthday.

There are no words I can say to comfort his mother and family, but I hope this belief can help them come to terms with his death.

“I don’t believe Jaydon was being targeted that night, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and his killers wanted revenge.”

At CPS West Midlands, expert attorney Paul Farrow said, “I hope this conviction will deter those who are thinking of arming themselves with weapons, and they think about the consequences they can stop and watch.

“Our thoughts are with Jaydon’s family and friends right now.”

Jaydon’s grandmother described her grandson as a “cheeky attractive” who “always got me on his finger”.

“My grandson had the biggest heart and would do almost anything for anyone who needed help.”

Jaydon’s mother mourns the loss of her son, JJ and her family also known as Juie by friends, while mourning the life that can be lived.

He said: ‘My son couldn’t finish his GCSE or went to the school prom. I will not see my son turn into a man to have a career, grow as a person.

I can’t have special days with him that every parent underestimates, that special milestone 18th and 21st birthdays.

My son will not bring me the daughter he chose to marry, I will not see that he is a father.

Kenfack, 18, with no fixed address, and Abdi, 21, from Foleshill Road, will face prison sentences Wednesday after being convicted of murder and injury.

A third defendant, 18-year-old Bongani Ngozi, was acquitted of murder and injury.

The hearing was a second hearing after the first hearing was abandoned in March due to the Covid-19 lockdown.