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Jayson Boebert
Jayson Boebert

Jayson Boebert Wiki – Jayson Boebert Bio

Jayson Boebert is best known as QAnon’s husband who supports Congressman Lauren Boebert. It made headlines in November 2020, allegedly exposed to a minor in the bowling alley in 2004.

Jayson Boebert & Lauren

Boebert and her husband Jayson live in Colorado Silt. Jayson Boebert worked in the oil and gas fields before opening a restaurant. They have four sons. Lauren Boebert was born again as a Christian in 2009. She gave birth to a third son, while her husband was driving and on the way to the hospital in the front seat of her van.

In 2010, Boebert’s neighbors called the police because they believed pit bulls threatened their dogs. Boebert received a penalty for dog code violations. In 2015, a music festival was shown to police officers for misdemeanor disorder as adolescents told Miranda that the arrest of several underage drinkers was unconstitutional because they did not receive warnings.

While handcuffed, Boebert tried to get away from the police, saying that “he had friends at Fox News” and that the arrest would be “national news”, according to lawmakers’ reports. She did not appear in court on two charges. The petty offense was denied because the Mesa County prosecutor’s office believed a jury would not convict him. In 2016, Boebert was shown for driving an unsafe vehicle; admitted his guilt.

Jayson Boebert Restaurant

Boebert and his wife opened the Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado in 2013 after being fired from their oil and gas fields. After a person was attacked on a nearby street, Boebert obtained a secret transport permit and began encouraging the restaurant’s servers to open their carrying weapons. In 2015, Boeberts opened another restaurant called Putters on Rifle Creek Golf Course.

In mid-May 2020, during the COVID-19 outbreak, Boebert reopened the Shooters Grill for dinner service, violating the state’s home-stay scheme. Despite receiving a stop and renunciation order from Garfield County, Boebert said he would not close his business. The next day she moved the tables outside to the sidewalk and parking spaces. The next day, Garfield County suspended its food license. In late May, after the state allowed restaurants to reopen at 50% capacity, the county withdrew the temporary ban order.

Jayson Boebert Exposed

Jayson Boebert exposes himself to a minor, according to a blog post by journalist Anne Landman on October 30, the Garfield County Sheriff’s Bureau arrest report details how Jayson Boebert was accused of improper exposure. The incident that occurred on January 28, 2004 at the Rifle Fireside Lanes bowling hall in Rifle, Colorado, was reported as a 20-year-old and a 16-year-old. The girls were reportedly approached by Jayson while standing at a snack bar.

They were discussing tattoos when Jayson allegedly intervened by stating that he had a tattoo on his penis.

According to officer Donivan Livingston, although the girls said they were trying to ignore her, Jayson soon came behind them and opened her pants while “covering the head of the genitals with her hand”, exposing the shaft and removing the genitals.

Jayson was soon arrested and accused of improper disclosure. Incredibly, as Landman noted, Jayson was reportedly arrested again a few days later on a domestic violence charge.

The 2004 incident is gaining attention and raising eyebrows on Twitter, given that Lauren has embraced support for the QAnon conspiracy theory, which claims President Donald Trump is waging a secret war against a demonic pedophile gang led by Democrats.