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Jen Psaki
Jen Psaki

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Jen Psaki Born in 1978, Jennifer Rene Psaki is a former White House Communications Director. He previously served as the spokesperson for the United States Department of State and has held many communications and press-related roles in Obama’s administration. It also contributes to the CNN news network.

Psaki served as senior advisor and traveling press secretary for the Obama campaigns in the career run, 2008 and 2012 presidential elections. He also served as deputy director of communications at the White House, where he worked with the economy team during the 2008 financial crisis.

From 2013-15, Psaki was the spokesperson for Secretary of State John Kerry at the State Department. After that, he served as White House communications director under the Barack Obama regime from 2015-17. “Jen worked on both my campaigns, served at the White House and traveled the world as an advisor to Secretary Kerry,” Obama said in 2015.

“I completely trust Jen and I’m very happy she agreed to return to the White House as communications manager.” “If Jen Psaki hadn’t agreed to step in, I’d say Jen is irreplaceable.” He added. At that time, Psaki had to contend with how he would help Obama deal with the newly strengthened Republican Party. He would deal with Obama’s problems in the form of the Affordable Care Act and the court problems he faced in his immigration-related actions.

According to Carnegie Endowment, Psaki is described by the New York Times as a “cool and genial person” to the media during the various crises that occurred during Obama’s tenure. He contributed to CNN and also wrote for publications such as The Hill and Refinery29.

Jen Psaki Career

According to tradition, as soon as the president is elected, he must undergo a three-month conception period before the opening day. This period is used to form the future POTUS administrative team, announce policy recommendations, identify Cabinet members, and learn about information based on classified federal sources.

This transition period is governed by the Presidential Transition Act created in 1963. The transitional period helps the elected President prepare to take office by providing access to post-Election Day financing, facilities and government services.

In the current scenario, after the November 3 election, Presidential candidate Joe Biden and his team are currently facing difficulties accessing these resources because the General Services Administration appointed by his rival Republican Donald Trump refused to gain access. This comes after the Trump regime’s arguments over the authenticity and validity of the election results.

However, Biden is still stepping up efforts to form the transition team. According to The Associated Press, it will build a squad and put together the parts needed to deal with the severe Covid-19 outbreak. So far, Biden and the Elected Vice President have appointed 16 key government and industry leaders to their advisory boards.

Other members of his team include Anita Dunn, senior consultant for Biden’s campaign; New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham; former Delaware Senator Ted Kaufman to name some. Journalists and lawyers from reputable networks also joined Biden’s transition team. MSNBC’s Barbara McQuade, Richard Stengel and Dr Ezekiel Emanuel left the network to join the Biden Management

Barbara McQuade of MSNBC, a former US Attorney appointed by former President Barack Obama, has been on Biden’s Department of Justice agency review team after serving as a legal expert at MSNBC since 2017. Richard Stengel, one of MSNBC’s original live broadcast analyst, will pilot the US Global Media Agency team of Biden. Dr Ezekiel Emanuel left MSNBC as he was appointed to Biden’s Coronavirus Task Force, and CNN’s Jen Psaki left the network to join the Biden-Harris team as senior advisor.

With the election of Democratic leader Joe Biden as the new President, many important figures from all walks of life join forces with his administration. This includes several journalists, including three MSNBC participants Barbara McQuade, political analyst Richard Stengel, and health expert Dr Ezekiel Emanuel.

There is Jen Psaki from CNN who reportedly left the network to join the Biden-Harris transition team this week as a senior consultant. All of them leave their paid jobs after qualifying to join Biden’s congregation. This comes after Joe Biden undertakes all his efforts to make the transition team before Opening Day in January 2021, where he and his VP-picks will take the oath and take the Oval office.