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Jenna Ryan

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Ryan is the owner of ‘Jenna Ryan Realty’ and is a conservative talk show host. She taught social media lessons to other real estate agents and hosted a radio show on KFXR 1190 AM, a local commercial radio station owned by iHeartMedia. He’s also a life coach, but a publisher has canceled the self-help book scheduled for release in February 2021. She tweeted this news, “All my hatreds will be AMAZING as I know my publisher has canceled my Self, the aid book that will be released in February 2021. I think my name wouldn’t fit in Target, Barnes & Noble and its big outlets.

Frisco suspect Jenna Ryan faces two charges in the country’s capital for erratic movement on Capitol grounds and staying in a restricted building, according to a criminal complaint filed in a DC federal court.

The Texas real estate broker who flew to Washington, D.C. in a private plane to participate in the Capitol rebellion last week bragged about the real estate business while raiding in the capital with other President Trump supporters, according to court documents that were unsealed on Friday.

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Federal prosecutors use their own words in the now-deleted online videos and photos to blame Ryan. A statement from FBI special agent Amie C Stemen detailed the photos and videos Ryan shared on social media, including a video in front of the bathroom mirror in which he said “We will go down and attack the Capitol.” Stemen also noted that Ryan broadcast live a 21-minute Facebook video of himself and a group walking towards the Capitol.

In one video, he said, outside the Capitol, “we’re going to get [cursing] here” and “life or death, it doesn’t matter.” Just before She got in, she bragged about her real estate business: “You know who to hire for your real estate agent — Jenna Ryan for your real estate agent.” Court documents stated that Ryan posted numerous evidence that he boarded a plane bound for DC and a video of him at the Capitol ground. After the uprising, Ryan posted a separate video on Twitter admitting his role in the siege, where he said: “We attacked the Capital. It was one of the best days of my life, according to court documents ”. The image was retweeted by a Twitter user and can be viewed below.

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Others have asked the FBI or DC Police Department for help spotting the rebels by posting his tweets and videos, saying: “Here’s a local Frisco, TX resident who celebrated yesterday’s Uprising as one of the best days of his life, after attacking the Capitol! Jenna Ryan! Her Twitter username is in the pictures below! “And someone else who posted her video with the caption” Meet Jenna Ryan who recorded your plans “.

According to court documents, there are also security footage of him being part of the gang that attacked the Capitol. A week after joining the riots, Ryan made a press release on Facebook and Twitter: “I was invited to Washington DC by a friend to witness the march. Unfortunately I believed it was a peaceful political march. It turned into a violent protest. 6 January 2020.” I do not tolerate the violence happening in Turkey and I am really sorry for those who lost their lives ”.


In court documents, a federal investigator said Ryan posted multiple evidence and a video of him citing Capitol grounds that he boarded a plane bound for DC.

“Ryan posted multiple videos on his Facebook account that appeared to have been taken on a small private plane he was traveling to Washington DC with others,” an FBI agent said in court documents.

“We’re going to go down and attack the Capitol. They’re there right now and that’s why we came and so will we. Wish me luck in one of the videos,” he said.

While Ryan and hundreds of other Trump supporters raided the Capitol on January 6, prosecutors alleged that he filmed him on Facebook Live entering the Rotunda of the historic building and advertising his real estate business.

Ryan claimed the real estate company was “very successful”, telling CandysDirt.com, a Dallas-based real estate news site, that it only works 15 hours a week and still sells many homes. Speaking to a local news channel, he said he wanted to run for a new party that he would help create the “Patriotic Party”. “We are going to establish a new party and we are not with RINOS or Republicans,” he said in the interview video. “I will never vote for another Republican again. From now on, I will vote for the Patriot party, I will campaign and run for a candidate.” Also, “If anyone out there who knows how to set me up this way, let me know because people trying to serve my country and destroy this country. “I’m ready to connect against” he said.