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Jenna Ryan
Jenna Ryan

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Jenna Ryan is an American radio host, Texas real estate broker, and also a Trump supporter who took part in the US Capitol siege. Ryan had traveled on a private jet to protest and then posed next to the broken windows of the federal building.

Ryan is a radio host and Texas real estate broker. It was quoted that Jenna said she would come and sell your house:

“I’m not kidding. When I come to sell your house. That’s what I’m going to do. I’ll sell your house.” Then it storms toward the Capitol.

Jenna Ryan Video

The Trump supporter took part in the US Capitol siege. He went to protest in a private jet. Jenna flew from US Trinity Aviation in Denton, Texas, to where she spent “one of the best days of my life” in the nation’s capital.

“Jumping on a plane to DC #MarchToSaveAmerica #stopthesteal,” captioned a photo on asphalt on Twitter in a now deleted post.

She has also been tagged on Facebook in multiple photos where she holds her suitcase with a big grin on her face.

Jenna Ryan Capitol Protest

On the morning of the riots, Ryan broadcast live the Capitol Hill march and said: “All these working class people take a week off… We flew here for freedom. They want to steal the election, they want to steal everything. ”

He went on to say, “We humans were angry… We flew in a private jet, God wanted us here today. Trump is my president. ”

As the widespread damage and massacre unfolded, Ryan smiled in front of a broken window in the Capitol Building and said, “Window in the Capital. And if the news doesn’t stop lying about us, we’ll go after their next studio.”

‘We did!!! It was awesome !!!! I am a patriot !!!! We were living the best moments of our lives in the US Capitol Steps. I apologize for being a Trump fan, ”he told another user in a later tweet reply.

Ryan explained in his video that he was walking “for you” and “for freedom” and claimed that “they are tired and tired of the takeover of the Communists.”

In another video circulating on social media, Ryan’s words can also be seen: “We’re going to break these windows.”

Jenna Ryan has been consulted for comment.

Police Statement

Police said on Thursday that more than 90 protesters were arrested and four people died when the violent pro-Trump gang raided the Capitol. Most of those currently arrested are charged with violating the curfew. Others are accused of carrying unlicensed pistols.

Some of those involved in the siege have already been identified on the Internet as members of far-right groups, white nationalists, and Neo-Nazis.

The others named also are of middle class origin.

The Metropolitan Police did not immediately respond to a request whether Ryan was interested in the revolt on Capitol Hill.

Whether Ryan actually entered the Capitol is unknown and there is no indication that he is being searched by the police.