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Jenny Cudd
Jenny Cudd

Jenny Cudd Wiki – Jenny Cudd Bio

Cudd is a former Midland mayor candidate and a business owner who went viral following Facebook live videos of his role in the Capitol riots. Jenny Cudd, one of the rebels who participated in the attack on the US Capitol last week, was reportedly arrested by federal officials for her role in the violent siege.

FBI agents, Midland, Texas, the business owner and former mayor candidate, detained Cudd after bragging about his involvement in the social media attack. KOSA-TV, a West Texas-based news station, initially published information about Cudd’s Wednesday morning arrest.

Jenny Cudd Age

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Jenny Cudd Video

In the videos, Cudd discussed how they broke the door of Speaker Nancy Pelosi to his office, but stated that the “we” he used later was described in the video in general and did not attend this event.

In an interview with NewsWest 9, Cudd claimed that he did not do anything illegal in the capital.

He also stated that he received numerous death threats and hundreds of bad reviews against his florist in Midland.

On Tuesday, the FBI said it had indicted more than 70 people and investigated much more, including several from West Texas.

Jenny Cudd Arrested

Jenny Cudd was arrested by the FBI for participating in the riots in the capital.

We don’t know right now if Cudd was booked in Midland or Ector County prison because he doesn’t appear on the prison records either.

Twitter users urged the FBI to take action against Cudd in numerous posts shared on the social platform last week. Many cited the annoying sense of pride of Trump supporters when they described the events happening at the Capitol in a video that quickly went viral on the internet.

Jenny Cudd Background & Career

Cudd became a more recognizable name in Midland when he ran for mayor in November 2019. His campaign had the slogan “Midland deserves better”. He was an outside candidate who believed that the city government was ineffective in dealing with growth problems in Midland.

Cudd competed as mayor against Patrick Payton and Jerry Morales. It received 15.6 percent of the votes. In 2020, Cudd was active in protests against the closure of work related to the COVID-19 outbreak and potential mask obligations in Midland and Odessa. He also staged counter protests when strikers outside Pastor Bob Fu’s house accused him of being a spy for the Chinese government.

Cudd owns Becky’s Flower, a flower shop in western Midland, and also created CYAFlowers.com, an online software platform that allows customers to enter special dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

He previously told Reporter-Telegram that his plan for the concept was to collect data on how customers are using the platform and then sell licenses for nationwide flower shops, “that’s why we have partners nationwide.”

In 2019, Cudd told Reporter-Telegram that “he owns a percentage of a consulting firm working with medical marijuana growing facilities in the state of Oklahoma.”

Cudd said he owns “50 percent of Mad Hatter’s Tea House and 4 percent of Top Dollar Equity”, which equates to “1.5 shares in consulting firms”.

In July 2020, she was featured in a marketing video titled “Hemp Investment Opportunity – Children of the Summit” presented by Jenny Cudd. She said in the video that the Summit Boys are from Oklahoma.

In this video, he reported on his experience in the cannabis industry, with ownership on two Oklahoma-based farms, raising $ 1.25 million in investor capital in startup funds for the second facility, and an interest in an Oklahoma-based dispenser.


Midland Development Corp. provided $ 264,000 to the Small Business Development Center at the University of Texas Permian Basin to lead the Midland Entrepreneurial Challenge in 2017.

Cudd Enterprises – also doing business as CYA Flowers, an organization owned by Jenny Cudd – was one of the four winners chosen by the judges. His business received $ 63,000 from SBDC and UTPB. MDC reported this week that the program is fully operated and regulated by SBDC and UTPB. They noted that an independent panel of judges, not entirely related to the MDC’s board or staff, selected the winning businesses and determined the amounts to be distributed as prize money.

“The MDC played no role in selecting the winners and had no authority to approve or reject any winner selected by the independent panel of judges,” MDC said.

Cudd also stated on his “Jenny Louise” Facebook page that he has received PPP funding to help him pay his employees. The first search on Small- Business- Forum.net shows that Cudd Enterprises, which shows the same address as Becky’s Flowers, also received an Economic Injury Credit of $ 150,000. Cudd Enterprises LLC. He also received a $ 41,000 PPP loan according to the Small Business Administration.

On receiving the money, he wrote: “Given the enormous amounts of taxes I paid and my job suited and applying for it, I saw the PPP as getting back some of my money that paid the nine people I employed. a few months. “