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Jessica Bustle
Jessica Bustle

Jessica Bustle Anti-Vaxx Capitol Rioter Pleads Guilty With Husband

Jessica Bustle and her husband, Joshua, pleaded guilty Monday to misdemeanor charges of parading, demonstrating, or scouting at a Capitol building after participating in the January 6 uprising, along with thousands of MAGA supporters. Prosecutors allege Jessica held a banner that read, in part, “VACCINE INJURY IS A TRUE PANDEMIC” during the siege, while Joshua tracked her footage until she was forcibly removed by the authorities.

Jessica Bustle Anti-Vaxx Capitol Rioter

A Virginia woman who stormed the Capitol with her real estate agent husband, holding a banner protesting COVID vaccinations, pleaded guilty on Monday to break the record and told the judge the words “kind” were included in her angry Facebook messages about the uprising. Pray for America.”

“I wanted to say I’m admitting guilt to the things that I said and that I’m sorry for saying what I said. Also, there were other things that were said in the posts that were kind, like ‘Pray for America.’ Those aren’t the full things that I wrote,” Jessica Bustle said during her Monday hearing after Judge Thomas Hogan read the offenses against the couple.

The fussy are among the more than 400 people accused in the siege, and the third and fourth rebels to claim their crimes. Under their defense settlement, the couple were sentenced to a possible maximum prison sentence of six months and fines of up to $5,000. They also agreed to pay a total of $1,000 in compensation.

Prosecutors allege that Jessica Bustle, along with her husband, meticulously documented her participation in the Capitol uprising on Facebook, including uploading videos of the siege and writing several posts about her experience.

Just before the hustle and bustle hit the Capitol, Jessica posted a selfie on Facebook with the caption: “We’re not winning this thing by sitting on the sidelines. I’m excited to stand by the truth today with my fellow patriots and freedom fighters in DC. Do it less. ” Jessica also wore a knit cap with the words “NOT LIONS SHEEP” in the photo taken in a car and an anti-vaccine sign on the back seat.

In another Facebook post, Jessica wrote: “Pence is a traitor. We hit the capital. An unarmed, peaceful woman down the hall was shot in the neck by the police. This place is crazy….Pray for America!!!!”

In another lengthy post, Bustle wrote that she and her husband spent most of January 6 “at the Rally for Health Freedom, a few blocks from the Trump Rally. When we finally decided to go to the capital, we went in… literally my husband and I went in with tons of other people.”

While inside the Capitol, Jessica wrote that law enforcement was “nice” to them and even agreed with them “not to take CV Vax.”

She added that the “infiltrator” and “Antifa puppets” were the real perpetrators of the chaos during the siege, which forced lawmakers to hide for hours and killed five people.

“We need a Revolution,” Jessica Bustle wrote in the post. “Keep praying for America and its people.”

But while Bustle acknowledged that they attacked the Capitol on Monday, Judge Hogan said he needed six weeks to determine their sentences.

“I’m not ready for punishment today. Hogan added that he wanted to ensure “consistency and comparability” against other Capitol rebels. To date, none of the accused rebels have been convicted.