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Jessica Camilleri

Jessica Camilleri Wiki – Bio

Jessica Camilleri From St Clair, western Sydney-Australia. Jessica Camilleri was charged with murdering her 57-year-old mother Rita Camilleri after she allegedly stabbed her to death with multiple kitchen knives before carving off her head and tossing it into a neighbor’s lawn on Saturday. Ms. Camilleri’s body was found in the kitchen of their house in St Clair, western Sydney, around 11.40pm.

Jessica Camilleri Age

Jessica Camilleri is 25 years old

Why Jessica Camilleri Killed Her Mother

Jessica Camilleri Killed Her Mother Rita Camilleri because she was in a mental disorder like as suffered from bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression, as well as an intellectual disability.

Who was Rita Camilleri Wiki

A woman who was allegedly decapitated by her daughter spent years advocating for her as she grappled with mental health issues and intellectual disability.

Ms. Camilleri was loyal to her daughter Jessica Camilleri up until the very end and stuck by her when other members of the family didn’t.

The pair enjoyed a close relationship and Ms. Camilleri always opted to keep her daughter with her rather than consider more permanent care options.

Each of the women’s biggest fears was being separated from one another.

Jessica Camilleri, 25, was charged with murder after allegedly beheading her mum Rita Camilleri, 57, on Aug 18, 2019, Saturday night

While Jessica’s behaviors – allegedly stemming from her mental health conditions – were confronting, Ms. Camilleri always believed the best place for the young woman was at home, under her care.

‘Poor old Rita, it’s such a tragedy what has happened. All I can say is that she was always so supportive of Jess through all her charges and difficulties with her condition,’ the source said.

Fast Facts You Must Need To Know

  • Rita Camilleri, 57, was decapitated in her St Clair, Sydney kitchen on Saturday 
  • Her severed head was found in a neighbor’s front yard down the street 
  • Her daughter Jessica, 25, was charged with her murder on Sunday morning 
  • Jessica told the court she suffers from various mental health conditions 
  • She posted an eerie horror story on Facebook days before the alleged murder