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16 Year Girl killed herself : jessie Walker wiki, Age, Bio, Cause Of Death, Family, More Facts You Need To Know

16 Year Girl killed herself : jessie Walker wiki, Age, Bio, Cause Of Death, Family, More Facts You Need To Know

Jessie Walker Wiki

A 16-year-old girl killed herself after telling her mum she had been ‘betrayed by ChildLine’ after they leaked her confidential case details to police.

Jessie Walker contacted the counseling charity via a live chat service while alone in her room in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

Jessie Walker Age

She was 16 years old.

Jessie Walker Cause Of Death

PC James Dunn, of North Yorkshire Police, then showed up at the teenager’s family home at 1.30 am.

Her stunned mother told the officer that her daughter was asleep in bed.

PC Dunn left shortly after checking on the girl to ensure she was in no immediate danger.

He said: ‘Mrs. Walker was aware Jessie had been on the internet earlier in the evening.

‘But she seemed okay after that.

‘My concerns for her immediate safety were met.’

ChildLine sent him a transcript of the conversation with Jessie, who also sent a mental health worker whom the 16-year-old had been visiting. Finally, Jessie discovered that the details of her conversation had been shared and she was devastated. His mother told the audience that: ‘Jess was so angry that her trust had been violated and the police had been close. ‘She said she felt betrayed by ChildLine. ‘She said she was tired and went back to sleep. She didn’t go to college that morning. Instead, Jessie stayed home and watched TV, but her mother said she seemed fine. At night, she walked around her room while Heather went out with a friend. When Heather returned later in the evening, Jessie’s stepfather, Simon, said the teenager was still in the room. Heather went to give her some chocolates to cheer her up and found her hanging outside her room.

Her mother and stepfather desperately tried to save the girl with CPR, but they were unsuccessful. Paramedics also tried to revive her when they arrived on the scene, but she never regained consciousness. Jessie died later that same night on January 23 earlier this year. The investigation heard that Jessie had passed all of her GCSE but had a history of self-harm and was stressed while studying for A-Levels at Scarborough Sixth Form College. Heather said at the hearing that no one had told her that Jessie was a suicide risk and that the “beautiful soul” had been the victim of a “catalog of mistakes” by those who supposedly supported her.


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