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JoAni Johnson

JoAni Johnson WikiJoAni Johnson Bio

JoAni Johnson 67 Years old model from New Yorker she was born and raised in Harlem. JoAni Johnson, a sexagenarian model with a course of hair the shade of evening glow, touches base for our teashop rendezvous tranquil as a breeze, as though the stickiness of a New York summer was something that hindered just other individuals. She shares this quietness happily.

Today she quiets youthful models with the guidance she was given by Bethann Hardison, a long-term dissident who has battled to enhance the style business for a considerable length of time: “Close your eyes, take a full breath, open your eyes, and walk.”

JoAni Johnson Age

How Old is JoAni Johnson? She is 67 Years Old Model currentlyJohnson Age is 67

JoAni Johnson Occupation

She’s worked every job from a receptionist’s desk to sales, to running a showroom, to blending tea, and she pulls off a Norma Kamali sleeping bag coat like no one else. Now 67, she’s come out of semi-retirement for a completely unexpected modeling career

JoAni Johnson Modeling Carreer

Her successful modeling career has admittedly been a whirlwind of excitement, nerves, glamour, risks, and stepping way outside of her comfort zone

After walking on the runway for the very first time only two years ago, the recently widowed supermodel is taking the taking the fashion industry by storm and living a life with no regrets.

Although JoAni had always wanted to be a model, she never imagined that her dreams would come to fruition when she was a retired mother of an adult daughter, but God works in mysterious ways. One day, while taking a walk in the park with her late husband, JoAni was approached by an Allure employee who captured her in a video that would later go viral and changed her life forever. Since garnering over a million views after her street style video feature in the publication, the Harlem-born hero has been securing the bag in a major way by working with industry giants like Eileen Fisher, Tome, Chris Peters, and now, Rihanna.

JoAni Johnson Sign Of Inspiration Motivation

JoAni Johnson is living proof that no matter what age you are, you can still live out your wildest dreams. This professional renaissance and pivot into the fashion and beauty worlds came as a complete shock to her, but she’s handling it well. With a love for Maison Margiela Tabi boots and Rick Owen threads, the model was first discovered walking through the park by a street style photographer. The soft-spoken Harlem native is only 5’4”, but she commands any room she enters like a behemoth, wearing the kind of fearless persona that typically comes with wisdom and age.

“A lot of the [young girls] are confident. I see them, I’m with them on various events and things like that. It’s not confident that they don’t have. I’m just at the point in time where I’m like ‘it is what it is,’” she said with a shrug and a smile. “I’m not looking to blow it out of the water, even though people tell me that it is blowing.”

JoAni Johnson Instagram


JoAni Johnson Husband When Peter

When Peter, her husband of 21 years, died two months after her first fashion show, Johnson felt compelled to continue.She misses drinking tea with her husband who died in November 2017, less than two months after she appeared in her first New York Fashion Week.

JoAni Johnson Street photograph For Husband

Johnson is a first-generation Jamaican American. The 67-year-old’s modeling career took off in 2016 after her husband convinced her to pose for a New York street photographer. Shortly after, she starred in a viral Allure video, which highlighted the beauty of aging and celebrated grey hair.

“I don’t know what tomorrow may bring,” she said Allure campaign. “You know, some of us don’t even get an opportunity to age.”

In 2017, Johnson’s husband died. She told Refinery29 modeling gave her a “sense of purpose.”

JoAni Johnson Recalled Memory For Husband

Recently, she attended a cocktail party and could not understand why she felt so discomposed. There was something at the edge of her consciousness that she only figured out as she was leaving.


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My husband took credit for my new focus as he encouraged me to pose for this

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“The place that the event was held was where my husband got down on one knee and asked me to marry him,” she recalls, before smiling her dazzling supermodel smile. “And then I felt joy.”

JoAni Johnson Mother

JoAni Johnson told in an interview posted to Instagram, “I am blessed to have my mother still with me who is going to be 90 next year. I can see where I am going, and it’s beautiful. My days are no longer striving, and pushing, and, you know, going on to the next thing or climbing the corporate ladder; my days are what is given to me and making the best of each and every one of them. And I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. You know, some of us don’t even get an opportunity to age.”

 Rihanna Selected 67 Years Old Model for her debut Fenty campaign

A move towards intersectionality is the next step. Though we do now see older women in ads, almost all are white, a notable exception being 67-year-old JoAni Johnson, selected by Rihanna for her debut Fenty campaign. “It’s time my demographic was reflected more broadly,” Johnson said in an interview with Paper magazine. “Fashion doesn’t have any age, gender or race limit, so why restrict it in the visuals?”

JoAni Johnson Viral Video

When a 2016 Allure video segment on beauty and aging with grace hit the internet, one of the three subjects immediately held the attention of the masses hostage.

It was hard not to quickly fawn over the 60-something woman’s sleek, mature looks, palpable wisdom, gripping gaze, and grounded sense of self. Three years later, that same model, JoAni Johnson, continues to display her elegance for video campaigns, strut down the runways of the designer elite, and stare down cameras for high-stakes fashion photoshoots.


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