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Joe DiMeo
Joe DiMeo

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Joe DiMeo, 22, from New Jersey, became the world’s first person to have a successful face and hand transplant together. DiMeo, severely injured and disfigured in a car accident two years ago, can now finally smile again. A team of 80 medical professionals, consisting of six surgical teams at NYU Langone Medical Center, successfully performed the critical transplant surgery.

Joe DiMeo Age

He is 22 years old.

What had happened to Joe DiMeo?

In July 2018, 20-year-old Joe DiMeo fell asleep while driving his car on Route 22 in New Jersey. The car crashed into the sidewalk, overturned, and caught fire almost instantly.

Fortunately, DiMeo’s life narrowly escaped as a passerby managed to pull him out of the flaming car before it exploded. However, DiMeo still suffered third-degree burns on 80% of his body. As he slowly recovered, it was seen that the accident’s face was left without eyelids and ears, and his face was extremely scarred. In fact, he lost most of his fingers. The accident also took away the ability to move his neck and generally limited his movements.

DiMeo had chosen to undergo the risky and critical facial and hand double transplant surgery, but could end his life if something went wrong. Although hand transplant and face transplant have been done several times separately, these two transplants have been tried together in the world only twice, both of which have failed.

But the expert surgeons at NYU eventually succeeded in running the process flawlessly and giving DiMeo a new chance in life.

How was the surgery done?

In August 2020, it took 23 tiring hours for a team of 16 specialist doctors to complete the surgery. On February 3, 2021, NYU doctors finally announced their success after transplants ensured that the transplants were not rejected by DiMeo’s body and moved on the path of recovery.

DiMeo had only a 6% chance of finding an identical donor, but fortunately last year it found one. Even then, there was a high probability of infection, so doctors had to be very selective about the donor. They used the latest technology for the surgery.

The hands and facial tissue of the dying donor were carefully removed and replaced with 3D printed prostheses. On the other hand, DiMeo’s own hands and facial tissues were carefully removed to take donor tissue. While the new facial tissue was attached to the chin with small plates, the nerves and vascular system had to be glued together.


Chief doctor Eduardo Rodriguez had to replace “21 tendons, three major nerves, five main vessels, two main bones (radius and ulna)” in his arms to prepare his new limbs.

After the surgery was completed, DiMeo had to spend 45 days in intensive care, after which he went to inpatient rehabilitation for two months. Now DiMeo can reopen his eyes, smile and even use his hands to write outside of normal work.

“I want to realize the dedication of my donor and how none of this would be possible without his sacrifice,” DiMeo said in a statement written by himself, adding that he felt he was given a ‘second chance in life’. CNN reported. His doctor also explained that they observed a momentary silence to honor the donor’s sacrifice before his surgery was performed.

DiMeo’s healthy lifestyle and high life spirit pushed him on the path to recovery much faster than expected. The whole healing path was caught here.