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John Alice

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John Alice was identified as one of the gangs armed with Bats, Weapons, and Axes to “Protect” the Christopher Columbus Statue in South Philly. On Saturday, June 13, it provoked the change that led to the attack of a Unicorn Riot reporter. The gang was creating what they called the Trump Autonomous Region. Alice’s brother, Michael Alice, is an ex-cop who has interestingly complained about police brutality and is arrested for domestic violence.

Tne Unicorn Riot in the thread of tweets wrote, “This man in first photo is who initiated the group assault on our reporter – he noticed he was being filmed and instantly bee-lined for us to demand we stop filming him. As he left, police passively watched him strike our reporter’s bike with a metal bat.”

John Alice Age

John Alice has a 45-year-old Philadelphia police officer charged with attacking his girlfriend in 2015.

John Alice Wife & Children

John Alice is married and has children according to the screen of his Facebook account. In 2014, he published a picture of his wife and child.

John Alice Wife & Children
John Alice Wife & Children

Attacked a Reporter

Last week, protests saw protesters throw a Christopher lake statue into Lake Virginia. They took the lead of a Christopher Columbus statue in Boston. Just above the Ben Franklin Bridge in Camden, the authorities removed a Christopher Columbus statue from a city park. And 95 people in Wilmington, Delaware saw more or less a similar result. But here at Philly, he plays a very, very different scene. have men in Philly armed with bats, guns, and axes that “protect” the Christopher Columbus statue at Marconi Plaza in South Philadelphia, a small park at the intersection of Broad Street and Oregon Avenue.

The first reports of armed individuals “patrolling” at the park appeared on Saturday, June 13. Protesters say they have been abused and, in some cases, attacked by the defenders of the statue. It didn’t take long for the police to appear around the statue and set up barricades. And on Sunday, some pro-statue residents marched into a house they believed was Mayor Jim Kenney.

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner took to Twitter on Sunday to address some of the incidents surrounding the Christopher Columbus statue.

“Hey, bat-wielders,” he wrote. “Saying you are ‘defending’ something doesn’t prove you really are. And using a bat–or anything else–for an illegal purpose (such as assaulting or threatening or harassing people) is a criminal act. Prosecutors and police will uphold the law in Philly, consistent with their oaths, against criminal bullies. So save your bats for a ball game. And save your hatchets for chopping wood. We remain the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection.”

Reporter George Solis Shared Video

A day later, 6ABC reporter George Solis shared the video that the same reporter was attacked, and the men in the crowd openly said, “This is from yesterday!” It can be heard saying. and “Kill him!” about the journalist. One of the videos has been watched more than 3 million times, and many Twitter users rush to identify white men attacking the reporter in the video. The reporter is not named.

Unicorn Riot tweeted after the incident: “Our Philadelphia reporter is safe and harmless, except for minor bruises. This topic documents the increasing right-wing violence in South Philly, where Columbus’s statue vigilant has successfully gone from Philly PD’s 1st District. ” The videos are from events that occurred on 13 and 14 June, respectively.

In a video, a group of men walks around the reporter and a man says, “You were so scared! Aren’t you ashamed?

”And another man is approaching the reporter with a stick. “I can give my business card, sir, if there is a problem,” says the reporter. At some point, when the reporter asks men what they think of Columbus’ violent history, one man replies: “Because they were brutally savage.” Then a group of men drag the reporter’s bike and cut his tires.

Twenty-four hours after the first video published by Unicorn Riot, the account released a second video of a larger crowd in the same place. In this video, a reporter filmed the incident before the members of the crowd knew him from the previous day and attacked him, and a man clearly “Kill him!” She shouts. Unicorn Riot shared multiple videos of numerous examples where Columbus defenders attacked the Unicorn Riot correspondent that night.

They tweeted, “We lost track of how many times we were assaulted in/around Marconi Plaza by vigilantes tonight. When cops did step in, they made it clear they saw us as the problem and repeatedly tried to make us leave (which would obviously negate our ability to document vigilante activity).”

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