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John Crilly, who is on probation after a homicide conviction and a jail sentence, defended himself after seeing his friend Jack stabbed in the chest. He selflessly pursued the 28-year-old terrorist Usman Khan. The dramatic video showed John on the bridge spraying Khan with the fire extinguisher last Friday, while another man approached the demon with a narwhal fang and a third hit him on the ground. Later, Crilly paid tribute to the victim Jack, calling him “the best boy I’ve ever met.”

John Crilly Age

He is 48 years old.

John Crilly London Bridge hero

It was believed that John and Jack had become friends when Learning Together, based at the University of Cambridge, began working with inmates at HMP Grendon, Bucks. Jack was the coordinator of the program course. The couple had worked on their rehabilitation for months, with John crediting Jack for his new life away from drugs and crime. John, who was released from a life sentence last year, obtained a law degree from the Open University while he was in jail and Jack attended his graduation ceremony this September. Both men were at the Learning Together prisoner rehabilitation conference at Fishmongers’ Hall at the north end of the bridge last Friday. Lisa Ghiggini, the administrator of Learning Together, added her compliments by saying, “Crilly is a hero.”

After the attack, in which Saskia Jones, 23, was also fatally stabbed, he posted an emotional message on his public Facebook page. Crilly wrote: “I’m so down with shit in JACK’s name! RIP Jack. I love you! I already miss you so much! Spelling badly Jack’s last name and other words, he added: “Why?” This guy, Jack Merrit, the best boy I’ve ever met. Jack tried to help this guy! To educate him. As he educated me. Jack came from Cambridge to be in my graduation at m / cr (Manchester). “How proud I am to be called a friend of Jack Merrit.” Crilly had been a heroin addict and a career criminal. He was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 20 years in 2005 after being convicted of robbery and murder of a 71-year-old man in a violent robbery. Another man killed the pensioner in the raid on a Manchester council floor, while Crilly stole a blender and a mobile phone. But Crilly was jailed for murder under a controversial “joint venture” conviction by Lord Brian Leveson, the same judge who released the terrorist, Usman Khan.

Crilly blamed his “hundreds” of criminal convictions for drugs and said he was a 15-year-old heroin addict and that he was in and out of jail. He served four years at HMP Grendon, the only therapeutic prison in the United Kingdom. Incredibly, while he was there, he invited Sir Brian Leveson to visit him. Sir Brian said: “I sentenced him after a jury convicted him of a joint venture, one-time murder of the owner of a nursing home during the course of a robbery in which he did not personally use the fatal (or none) strength. “At that time I was addicted to heroin. Perhaps, understandably, it has taken him many years to accept his guilt, but Grendon has helped him achieve it.