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John Fitzgerald Johnson
John Fitzgerald Johnson

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The leader of the self-identified Black armed militia was arrested on federal charges after law enforcement told them that he was aiming at them with a rifle during a demonstration in the city center in September.

John Fitzgerald Johnson, commonly known as Grandmaster Jay, is on charges of the incident that occurred in Louisville Metro Police Department, FBI and US Secret Service officers.

John Fitzgerald Johnson Arrest & Charge

According to court documents, the charges stemmed from a demonstration that took place in Jefferson Square Park on the evening of September 4. On the same day Johnson’s band, No F *** ing Around Coalition, ”or NFAC, went to Louisville to protest the rescheduled Derby along with other shows scheduled on the same day.

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Federal investigators alleged that the incident began when officers were notified about a large number of heavily armed people parked in the Armory Place next to a garage. According to court documents, officers with federal agents went to the roof of the Jefferson County Grand Jury Building, where they followed Armory Place to track heavily armed people.

When the officers arrived on the roof, several reported that they were blinded by a light that they had identified as “a flashlight mounted on the rifle aiming at them by Johnson”.

Two of the officers said they heard one of them announce that Johnson was pointing his rifle at them while on the roof. According to court documents, two of the officers said they knew Johnson from previous encounters with him earlier in the day the NFAC was at G.G. Moore Park.

According to the court document, “In addition, where all the officers and (federal officers) were familiar with Johnson’s appearance, attitude and tactics due to the NFAC’s march in Louisville on 25 July.

Investigators told them that the officers believed Johnson was threatening them “because he was pointing his rifle at them.”

About half an hour after the incident, officers said former LMPD special advisor Jessie Halladay left the Metro Safe building to meet Johnson and his group.

According to the documents, the FBI reviewed the surveillance video of the incident consisting of real-time crime center footage. The court file included two photographs allegedly showing Johnson’s firearm aiming at the officers.

Federal investigators also noted that it was not the first time Johnson had met LMPD officers, whom they told Johnson had advised against threatening officers.

According to officials, Johnson was told that before the September 4 incident, officers would be on the rooftops and announcements would be made about their presence.

This is the first time that officials confirm any investigation involving Johnson and his group appearing in Louisville to protest the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor.