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John Gilligan
John Gilligan

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John Gilligan (born March 28, 1952) is an Irish criminal who smuggled large amounts of drugs. In 2001, he was sentenced to 28 years in prison for smuggling commercial quantities of cannabis resin. On appeal, this sentence was reduced to 20 years, and he was released in October 2013, after serving 17 years.

John Gilligan Murder of Veronica Guerin

In 2002, Gilligan was tried and acquitted of the murder of investigative journalist Veronica Guerin, who was reported to have been working on the report of an Irish politician who was also prominent in equestrian circles. He was investigating Gilligan’s involvement in the illicit recreational drug trade in Ireland. After the murder, Gardaí had more than 100 officers working on the case at one point, leading to 214 arrests, 39 convictions and 100 guns, £ 5,000,000 worth of drugs and £ 6,500,000 worth of property.

However, Gilligan’s assets remained frozen by the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB). On January 30, 2006, the Supreme Court paved the way for the CAB to apply for the transfer of the equestrian center and other property belonging to the Gilligan family to the state. Gilligan, who went to court in January 2008 to prevent the state from selling his assets, accused John Traynor of ordering the murder of Veronica Guerin.

After the chief judge accused him of attempting to silence him, Gilligan went on to blame an unsuccessful Gardaí investigation, claiming that he had placed evidence to secure Gardaí’s conviction, which led to the current prison sentence. On December 19, 2008, Gilligan lost his appeal for the second hearing of the Supreme Court. Due to the decision, the CAB applied to the Supreme Court under the Proceeds of Crime Act to dispose of Gilligan’s property.

In November 2012, the courts lifted the last barriers that allowed the CAB to sell the equestrian center and Gilligan’s home in Weston Green, Lucan. [8] In July 2014, after a lengthy defiance, a Supreme Court decision brought the CAB one step closer to selling the house adjacent to the equestrian center Gilligan’s wife held, as well as additional properties in Blanchardstown and Lucan.

John Gilligan Arrested in Spain

Police believe a GUN seized in Spain during the arrest of former crime boss John Gilligan was the same type that was used to murder journalist Veronica Guerin.
The shock came nearly 20 years after Gilligan was acquitted of ordering the assassination of the “Sunday Independent” investigative reporter.
The weapon was found hidden in the garden of the Costa Blanca trade building.
Spanish ballistics experts analyze the gun to verify if it was a motorcycle hitman Colt Python pistol that was used to kill 37-year-old Veronica after stopping at traffic lights on the outskirts of Dublin in 1996.

The killing sparked national protests and forced the then government to start a serious struggle against organized crime.
Well-positioned Spanish police sources say it was “the same make and model” as the one used to kill him.
“Gilligan’s arrest came after an investigation of a gang of suspected drug traffickers.
“The gun was found undercover and buried in one of the police searches that form part of this investigation,” a source said.

A second added: “It is too early at this stage to tell if the gun found was the weapon used to kill Veronica Guerin, but the same make and model.
It is analyzed by ballistics experts.
“He was found during police calls initiated by an investigation into a gang that sent addicts from Spain to Ireland and England of prescription drugs sold by guns, marijuana and street vendors.
“Besides the gun, drugs were also seized.”

Six arrests linked to the operation, including that of John Gilligan.

The June 1996 assassination of Ms. Guerin sparked outrage in Ireland and inspired a biographical crime film called Veronica Guerin, starring Cate Blanchett in the lead role.

Gilligan (68) was cleared of plotting the murder of the crime reporter in March 2001, following a 43-day multi-million pound trial at the Dublin Special Criminal Court.

Judge Diarmuid O’Donovan said that although the court had “serious suspicions” of his involvement in the murder, he should be acquitted on the basis of the evidence produced.

Gilligan was also cleared of weapons charges, but was handed a 28-year prison sentence for importing 20,000 kilos of cannabis resin worth £32m.