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John Krafcik, Chief Executive Officer of Waymo LLC, resigned, saying the former car executive put an end to the autonomous vehicle division of Google parent company Alphabet Inc., which has been a leader for more than five years.

The company said Friday it has introduced chief technology and business officers Dmitri Dolgov and Tekedra Mawakana to spearhead a ten-year effort to make autonomous cars a reality. They will share the title of co-chairman.

Ford Motor Co. and Hyundai Motor Co. After a long career at companies such as companies, Mr. Krafcik was brought to Google’s project in 2015 at a time when the tech company was facing doubts about automakers’ goals and the possibility of a new possibility. opponent. He spent time impressing industry leaders at auto shows around the world, trying to frame Waymo’s effort as an effort to develop a car’s driver, not someone aiming to build his own car. Chrysler has made agreements to work with Jaguar and Renault-Nissan alliance.

Under his leadership, Waymo launched a limited vehicle calling service in the suburb of Phoenix, where some customers were driven in minivans without anyone behind the wheel. The scale problem remained, however, as deploying the technology was more difficult than many technologists had expected.

After guiding Alphabet’s subsidiary Waymo, which develops autonomous driving technology, for five and a half years, John Krafcik decided it was time for someone else to run the company. In fact, a pair of Waymo’s top executives who will become co-CEOs of the company will be Tekedra Mawakana and Dmitri Dolgov.

In a blog post explaining his decision to resign from the CEO, Krafcik said, “now, the fully autonomous Waymo One vehicle recall service is open to everyone at our Metro Phoenix launch site, and the fifth generation of Waymo Driver is set to be deployed at vehicle recall and goods delivery. Handing Copu to Tekedra and Dmitri as CEOs is a great opportunity for me. ”

Tekedra Mawakana got the top job four years after joining Waymo, and four years after last serving as Director of Operations. Dmitri Dolgov began his career with Waymo in 2009, when the company was founded and Google became known as the driverless car project. He became CEO after becoming Waymo’s Chief Technology Officer.

In a joint statement to Waymo employees, Mawakana and Dolgov said, “We are determined to work with you to build, deploy and commercialize the Waymo drive and to increase the success of our incredible team and this company. We are powered by the road and opportunity ahead.”

While Waymo has proven itself as the leading developer of autonomous vehicle technology with driving more than 20 million miles on public roads and driving more than 20 billion miles in simulation, the company’s conservative approach to expanding operations has disappointed those hoping to manage self-driving vehicles across the country. This conscious approach was a central part of Krafcik’s tenure as CEO.

While meeting with reporters, Krafcik regularly emphasized the importance of Waymo’s autonomous vehicles being as safe as possible. In March 2018, after being hit by a pedestrian and killed by an Uber autonomous vehicle being tested on a public road in Arizona, Krafcik told CNBC: “Part of our responsibility at Waymo is the world, the cities where we perform, and the organizers of these cities. regulators understand our technology. ”

Waymo One autonomous vehicle recall service has been providing rides in the Phoenix area since 2017. Proportion of self-driving vehicles as it transforms from a pilot with a pre-selected limited number of customers to a public vehicle recall service using a fleet. While Waymo was discussing expanding the Waymo One autonomous vehicle hailing program to other cities for public use, the company did not give a firm plan to do so.

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