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Johnny Hurley
Johnny Hurley

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Johnny Hurley was a Colorado Good Samaritan who was accidentally shot by an Arvada police officer after heroically shooting an active hitman who had ambushed and killed a police officer.

The murder of Officer Gordon Beesley was caught on a very disturbing video that police released in their efforts to maintain transparency in the tragic series of events. They described the suspect as hateful to the police and declared Hurley of Denver a “hero.”

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Johnny Hurley Shot Dead

Arvada Police released a timeline of the events of 21 June 2021 in a press release. In his own words:

• 12:49 – The suspect’s brother called and requested social assistance because he was going to do something crazy.
• 13:08 -Officer Beesley and another Arvada PD Officer attempted to contact the suspect at his home to check on his well-being as requested. They can’t communicate with him and leave the service call at 13:18.
• 13:17 – Dispatch receives a suspicious call in Olde Town Square.
• 13:30 – Officer Beesley is sent to the suspect call and arrives at Olde Town Square at 13:31.
• Officer Beesley parked on Webster Street and walked down an alley towards Olde Town Square.
• As Officer Beesley was walking west, the suspect entered the area in a truck and parked behind it.
• The suspect got out of his truck with a 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun, chased after Officer Beesley and yelled at him.
• Officer Beesley stopped, turned, and was immediately shot twice by the suspect.
• Officer Beesley did not reach for his gun and did not take any defensive action – turning in response to the suspect, the suspect shoots and kills him.
• The suspect then opened the windows of the patrol vehicles parked in the area and shot into the air.
• The suspect returned to his truck and received an AR-15.
• The suspect ran back to Olde Town Square with a long pistol in hand, where he was confronted by Mr. Hurley.
• Mr. Hurley shot the suspect with a pistol.
• A responding Arvada Police Officer encountered Mr. Hurley, who was holding the suspect’s AR-15. The officer shot him.

Police said investigators from the Arvada Police Department “obtained a document written by the suspect that contained the following statements:

• “Today my goal is to kill PD officers in Arvada”
• “We humans were never your enemy, but now we are”
• “This is what you get, you are expendable people”
• “Hundreds of pigs must be killed every day”
• “Today I will kill as many Arvada officers as possible”
• “I hope I don’t die before you kill the pigs”

“The suspect continues to state that this is his method of holding law enforcement officers accountable,” police wrote.

Police said in a video news release that the “reporter” was a teenager who reported that an elderly male partygoer was walking towards him, making a strange noise and showing him a condom, Beesley said, having been shot twice by the suspect.

Statement & Tributes

Strate said that Officer Beesley was “brutally ambushed and killed by someone who expressed hatred for police officers. The threat to our officers and community was stopped by a hero named Johnny Hurley.”

He described Hurley’s actions as “decisive, courageous, and effective in stopping more lives.”

“Mr. Hurley and his actions are heroic. He intervened in an active attraction that was quickly emerging in a busy commercial space… and he did so without hesitation,” he said.

“Mr. Hurley is a hero,” Arvada police said in the news release. “He has saved many lives to include civilians and other Arvada Police Officers. The Arvada Police Department understands the public’s interest in the events that resulted in the tragic loss of Officer Gordon Beesley and hero Johnny Hurley, and We would like to make it clear that although these two deaths occurred as part of the same incident, they are being investigated separately.”

The police reiterated: “The Arvada police see Mr. Hurley’s actions as heroic; It’s clear that he interfered with an active attraction that was developing rapidly at midday in a busy commercial area and did so without hesitation. Mr Hurley’s actions have certainly saved others from serious injury or death.”

They continued, “Finally, it is clear that the suspect is responsible for this tragic series of events. Arvada PD will not make further comments until the CIRT investigation is complete, to protect the investigation and in accordance with CIRT protocols and applicable legal and ethical guidelines.”