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Jonathan Mattingly
Jonathan Mattingly

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In an interview with ‘Good Morning’ America this week, 47-year-old Sergeant Jonathan Mattingly revealed that he regrets hitting the door and then waits a few seconds to rush into Taylor’s apartment. “We hoped Breonna would be there alone. So we gave her so much time. And I think it was a mistake.”
One of the officers involved in the police raid that saw Breonna Taylor’s fatal fire earlier this year admitted that it was a “mistake” to knock on her door repeatedly before she entered.
Mattingly said that instead of giving Taylor and her boyfriend Kenneth Walker time to open the door, the police should enter the apartment immediately as they fulfill the order not to knock on the door on March 13, which could save her life. “What would I do differently, now that I’m thinking about it, the answer is simple. First, we would either follow the order not to hit or do the normal thing we did, so 5-10 seconds,” he added.

Taylor Shot & Dead

Taylor was shot dead during an unsuccessful police raid while inside his Louisville apartment on March 13. It was reported that Taylor and her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, slept at the time of the incident and woke up when the officers entered the house. Three police officers were killed when he opened fire on his boyfriend. Police used a coach to break his door at midnight as part of an investigation into his ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover.

Mattingly believes it is the momentary delays that cost Taylor her life. “Not giving people time to come up with a plan, not giving people time to gain their feelings to have an idea of ​​what they’re doing. Because if that were the case … Breonna Taylor would have lived, 100 percent.”

Mattingly was also shot by a bullet fired by Walker, a registered gun owner who mistakenly shot the police raid as a theft. According to Mattingly, the police knocked on Taylor’s door about six times before entering. He added that he claimed to have seen two human silhouettes in the dark around 25 feet in front of him. A few seconds later, Walker fired a single shot that hit Mattingly.

“My eyes went straight to the barrel of his gun. I could see the tip. And as soon as I saw it, my eyes focused on it,” he recalled. Louisville officer Brett Hankison then opened fire and blindly shot the flat, killing Taylor. Hankison was fired from the department and charged with immoral endangerment charges.

Police officers Mattingly and Myles Cosgrove were reinstated after they were shot, according to the Courier-Journal. Mattingly said that Taylor’s name was permanently attached to her for the rest of her life. Talking to ABC News, he said, “I feel for her. I was hurt for her mother and sisters … This is me with a heart and a soul, going as a parent,” How do you go on? ‘ He said. I don’t know. I don’t want to experience this. “