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Jonathan Price
Jonathan Price

Jonathan Price is a 31-year-old Texas man who was hailed as “a pillar of the community” after being fatally shot by a police officer trying to break up a fight, according to local reports. Witnesses told ABC member WFAA-TV that Price was shot while intervening when he saw a man and a woman fighting in front of a gas station in Wolfe City on Saturday night 3 October.

Upon the exit, family members and friends, when the man attacked Price and officers responded to a report of the disturbance, a policeman harassed and shot the good Samaritan. Authorities said on Sunday (October 4th) that the relevant police took administrative leave during the investigation by Texas Rangers, but did not reveal the details of the shooting.

His relatives and friends said Price, a former athlete, was employed by the city and also worked as a fitness trainer. Everyone loved Jonathan. Everyone. Black, white, Mexican, it doesn’t matter, ”said his sister April Louis.

Jonathan Price Mother Statement

Price’s mother, Marcella Louis, said she was not surprised to hear that her son would step in to stop a fight. “That’s what he always did, he tried to help others. I’ve taught him that for years,” Louis said.
When gunfire was heard, a witness in the shop across the street recognized the victim as Price and described him as “the pillar of the community”.

“We all love him and we adore him, and he is the best man you can meet,” Kyla Sanders told the TV channel.

Jonathan Price is Being represented by Philadelphia

Philadelphia-based civil rights attorney Lee Merritt said he was working with the family to “get justice” for Price, calling him the “hero of the country”.

“Motivational speaker, coach, professional athlete and community advocate – loved by many,” Merritt wrote on Facebook.

“He noticed a man attacked a woman and intervened,” Merritt continued. “When the police came, it was said that he was trying to raise his hands and explain what happened.” “The police fired stun guns at him and when his body was shaken by the electric current,” he sensed a threat and shot him to death, “the lawyer said.