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Jordan Alexander Barson
Jordan Alexander Barson

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Jordan Alexander Barson, 45, was accused of driving under the impact five times and resulted in death, DUI once resulting in severe bodily injury, and six reckless driving.

Prosecutors said on Wednesday that the driver of a box truck that shot and killed five cyclists in a lane of the Nevada highway last week and told investigators that he fell asleep at the wheel had high levels of methamphetamine in his system.

On Wednesday, authorities filed a criminal complaint against an Arizona man sitting at the wheel of a truck that crashed a group of cyclists near Las Vegas by Nevada prosecutors and killed five people.


Authorities said that about 20 riders were trading south on the US Highway 95 on Thursday when Barson’s truck hit them near Mile Marker 34 south of Boulder City and north of Searchlight.

Shortly after the fatal accident, a Nevada Highway Patrol spokesperson said degradation was not an issue. However, in the Clark County criminal complaint, prosecutors said that Barson had methamphetamine and / or amphetamine in his blood.

The complaint did not include exhaustive details of the blood test results, but said that “no matter how insignificant the drugs are, Barson is” incapable of driving safely and / or practicing the actual physical control of a vehicle.

Jordan Alexander Barson Arrested

Clark County District Attorney spokesman said Barson was arrested in Arizona on Wednesday morning and held in a Mohave County prison in Arizona.

It was not immediately clear whether Barson had hired a lawyer or was appointed.

“I’m losing words,” Clark Country District Attorney Steve Wolfson said in a statement. “I’ve told countless people hundreds of times that choosing to get behind the wheel of a car while drunk is reckless. These actions are unacceptable and have consequences. Tragically, this kind of reckless behavior has resulted in the deaths of five, injuring several, and grieving our society once again. ”

All five victims were residents of Las Vegas: Erin Michelle Ray, 39; Michael Todd Murray, 57; Aksoy Ahmet, 48; Thomas Chamberlin Trauger, 57; and Gerrard Suarez Nieva, 41.


Prosecutor Eric Bauman told investigators that Barson continued his normal course of work when he fell asleep between Las Vegas, Colorado River town of Bullhead City, Arizona and Kingman.

Blood tests showed that Barson’s system had nine times the allowable amount of methamphetamine, Bauman said.

According to the Nevada Highway Patrol and riders in the group, the flat-faced truck was among at least seven cyclists following a Subaru Outback support vehicle in the middle of about 20 cyclists. .

Highway Patrol said two injured cyclists were taken to the University Medical Center in Las Vegas and Subaru’s driver David Merrill was also injured. A third cyclist was treated for minor injuries at the crime scene 60 miles (97 kilometers) south of Las Vegas.

Michael Anderson, a retired Las Vegas police officer with the group, told reporters that they had cycled the so-called Nipton Loop for 15 years. The US 95 in the region is a straight, straight and divided highway with a speed limit of 75 mph (121 km / h).

The murdered Las Vegas residents, 39-year-old real estate agent Erin Michelle Ray; Medical care technician Gerrard Suarez Nieva, 41; 57-year-old Michael Todd Murray, a former motorcycle racer; Aksoy Ahmet, 48, who has three children; and 57-year-old Thomas Chamberlin Trauger, finance manager at the Sports Basement entertainment chain in the Bay Area.