Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau Wiki, Age, Bio, Family,Parents, Net worth, Most Facts you Need To Know

Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau Wiki, Age, Bio, Family,Parents, Net worth, Most Facts you Need To Know

Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau Wiki

Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau was born on October 14, 1801, and died on September 15, 1883. He was a Belgian physicist. He was one of the first people to demonstrate the illusion of a moving image. To do this, he used counter-rotating disks with repeated images drawn in small increments of movement in one and regularly spaced slots in the other. He called this device from 1832 to the fenacistiscope.

Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau Google Doodle

Today would have been the 218th birthday of the physicist.

Today, October 14, 2019, Google Doodle celebrates the Belgian physicist Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau, inventor of the phenakistiscope, a device that led to the birth of cinema by creating the illusion of a moving image.

“Inspired by the fascinating animated records, animated Doodle art was made to reflect Plateau’s style, with different images and themes on different device platforms,” ​​Google said in its description of Doodle.

Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau Career

Joseph Plateau’s doctoral dissertation details how images are formed in the retina, indicating their exact duration, color and intensity. Based on these conclusions, he was able to create a strobe device in 1832, equipped with two discs that turned in opposite directions. A disc was full of small windows, evenly separated in a circle, while the other had a series of images of a dancer. When both albums turned at exactly the right speed, the images seemed to merge, creating the illusion of a dancer in motion.


Plateau also studied the phenomena of capillary action and surface tension. The mathematical problem of the existence of a minimum surface with a given limit is named after him. He conducted extensive studies of soap films and formulated Plateau’s laws that describe the structures formed by such foam films.

Google Doodle

According to Google Doodle, although Joseph Plateau lost his vision later in life, he continued to have a productive career in science even after becoming blind, working as a professor of experimental physics at the University of Ghent with the help of colleagues who included His son and son-in-law.

Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau Cause Of Death

Plateau died on  September 15th, 1883, aged 81, in Ghent, Belgium. His cause of death was not specified.

Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau Children & WIfe

On August 27, 1840, Plateau married Augustine – Thérèse – Aimée – Fanny Clavareau: they had a son a year later. His daughter Alice Plateau married Gustaaf Van der Mensbrugghe in 1871, who became his collaborator and later his first biographer. After studying law, Joseph Plateau became one of the best-known Belgian scientists of the 19th century, remembered for his study of physiological optics, particularly the effect of light and color on the human retina.