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Joseph Fischer
Joseph Fischer

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Joseph Fischer, 55, was accused of obstructing law enforcement, deliberate entry or stay in any restricted building or ground without legal authority, violent entry into the Capitol Building, and erratic behavior during civil unrest. He was arrested on Friday, February 19th and detained in Dauphin County Prison.

As the United States Congress convened to confirm the results of the 2020 presidential election, on January 6, a North Cornwall County patrol was charged and arrested for participating in the failed uprising attempt at the US Capitol. Pro-Trump supporters raided the Capitol to stop the approval of the results that saw Joe Biden being elected the country’s 46th President.

Joseph Fischer Age

He is 55 years old.

Joseph Fischer Arrested

According to a criminal report, Fischer, whose Facebook name was SV Spindrift, bragged about entering the United States Capitol and posted a video showing Fischer in front of a group of people pushing against the police. The video was later removed from Facebook. The criminal complaint also stated that Fischer’s mobile phone pinged the Verizon towers that served the Capitol Building during the riots.

On January 7, Fischer posted a video on Facebook that lasted more than two minutes; This video showed the “recorder of the video” walking through the crowds towards a building and eventually entering the building. In the video, “I did it in it … got pepper balls and pepper was squeezed. The police line was 4 deep .. I went to the second level …”

Later in the video, the video’s recorder “Recharge!” He is heard yelling. Towards the end of the video, the recording person began to rush into a line of police officers shouting “Keep the line” and “Son of a bitch”.

Fischer commented on other posts and said in a comment, “There was some minor destruction and a few things stolen … but 98% peaceful … I was there … We pushed the police back about 25 feet. and the OC repulsed, but it was necessary to enter the Capital to send a message that we humans had real power. “In another interpretation,” mostly peaceful … a few were devastating. Not as bad as the media came out … I was talking to the police in the capital. ”

“I may need a job,” Fischer said during a private message conversation with another Facebook user. He also said that the FBI could arrest him, and when the other user asked if he heard anything from Fischer’s office, he said that his chief did. Fischer then told the other user: “If this is the price I have to pay to express my freedom and freedoms that I was born and therefore received, then it must be the price …” He sent it. ” He also wrote, “Sometimes doing the right thing, no matter how small, is more important than one’s own safety.”

In the criminal complaint, it was also stated that Fischer shared photos of Fischer on Facebook that seemed to be taken during the riots. The investigation also revealed that Fischer’s law enforcement database recorded images and videos of the riots on video footage.

Fischer will hold a scheduled pre-trial / detention hearing at the US District Court in Harrisburg on February 23 at 13:30 local time. He was also suspended from the police department free of charge, according to a report from the town.