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Joseph Steven Carrizales
Joseph Steven Carrizales

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A human hunt for the man accused of throwing 27-year-old Myriam Camarillo’s body in a plastic container and pouring bleach on it continues.
Joseph Steven Carrizales had a hearing Monday morning, but could not go to court in the 111th District Court.

Carrizales, 27, canceled his bond on June 2. It did not comply with the bail bond rules and regulations. Carrizales avoided contact and violated the contract contract, unable to report weekly by phone or in person. He disappeared on May 31. Aunt gave LPD a missing person report.
Carrizales was charged with tampering with a human corpse on September 25.

The case appeared on July 8, 2019, when a woman’s daughter, Camarillo, called the police to report that she did not return home one night with her friends.

An investigation revealed that Carrizales saw Camarillo crying and sitting on a bench in Laredo city center. He claimed he was doing cocaine and waited for a Lyft to pick them up, and then they went to his house in the block of 100 Saint Pierre.

Both continued cocaine and had sex before falling asleep, Carrizales told the police. Then he woke up around 14:00. and they saw that he was dead next to Camarillo. He tried to mask the smell with bleach and, as alleged, made a small cut on his arm to reduce swelling of his body.

Carrizales tried to flee to Mexico, where he met members of violent drug cartels. Their injuries did not threaten life. The Mexican army caught Carrizales and handed it over to the LPD on July 13, 2019. Webb County Medical Clinic led death uncertainly. Authorities said there are traces of cocaine and alcohol in the system.

Carrizales was bonded on October 23.

Carrizales was placed in a surveillance surveillance program, especially GPS, as a condition for a $ 60,000 cash bail bond bond. Carrizales had to charge GPS for at least two hours a day and personally apply for pre-services weekly.

Laredo Police Department is working together to find US Marshals and Webb County District Attorney’s Office Carrizales. People can call LPD at 795-2800 or Laredo Crime Stoppers at 727-TIPS (8477). An award is offered.