Josh Shapiro’s Teenage Son Accidentally Crashes MSNBC Interview

Josh Shapiro’s Teenage Son Accidentally Crashes MSNBC Interview
Josh Shapiro’s Teenage Son Accidentally Crashes MSNBC Interview

When Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro spoke with MSNBC about the latest development of the 2020 presidential election, apparently his teenage son did not realize that his father was on air from his living room and walked into the frame of the camera.

When Shapiro’s son looks up from his phone, viewers can see on his face that he can be seen on national television, and he slowly retreats from the camera’s field of view. If Shapiro realized that his kid had ruined his interview, he didn’t show it, nor did MSNBC’s presenter.
But Shapiro soon tweeted the video and said, “I’m taking my phone 24 hours a day,” with a crying smiley emoji.

According to the official website, Shapiro has four children with his wife, Lori: Sophia, Jonah, Max, and Reuben, and like millions across the country, she works at home in the midst of the coronavirus, so her son could easily walk. .

Pennsylvania has become the center of attention as President Donald Trump won the state’s 20 electoral votes and could not win the re-election. If Democratic candidate Joe Biden wins Pennsylvania, he will become the next term president.

Shapiro Dismissed Trump’s Claims of Fraudulent Votes

“This is a truly new case for many who have been completely denied and found to have absolutely no value,” Shapiro told MSNBC host Rachel Maddow on November 5th by Yahoo News.

“And I assure you, Rachel, these ballots in Pennsylvania will continue to count. They brought many lawsuits to restrict voting in Pennsylvania and are now apparently trying to stop the count. Whenever they sued, we won. And if they want to bring another one, we’ll win again to keep the good people of Pennsylvania. ”

As for Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, who went to Philadelphia to garner support for the president’s false claims, Shapiro said, “Maybe they should stop listening to Rudy Giuliani.” “I guess that’s one of their problems.”

Shapiro Said That Senator Ted Cruz That He Should ‘Stay The Hell Out of Pennsylvania’s Business’

While many Republicans have publicly denied Trump’s decision to challenge the integrity of the election results, despite providing zero evidence to substantiate their claims, the closest GOP allies remain behind.

Alongside Trump’s sons Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and Giuliani, Texas Senator Ted Cruz has become one of the president’s most prominent supporters. Shapiro applauded on Twitter after telling Katie Couric that Cruz “should know better and also stay away from Pennsylvania’s job.”

Cruz said, “When you break the law, ignore court orders, secretly count ballots, and threaten to steal the presidency, it is not” the PA’s business. ” ) not to be considered confidential. ”

Cruz also entered Fox News to defend Trump’s legal actions with Sean Hannity. “What we have seen in the last three days is ugly, partisan. Political. And it is lawless. And we see this model in the democratic city after the democratic city.”