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Joshua Jamal Williams
Joshua Jamal Williams

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27-year-old Joshua Jamal Williams reportedly carried a pistol with an extended magazine without holster to the Jefferson Gun Outlet, a store and indoor shooting range in Metairie with his brother at around 3 am yesterday.

According to police, a New Orleans man started a gunfight that left him and two people at a Louisiana gun shop on Saturday afternoon.

Joshua Jamal Williams Age

Joshua Jamal Williams is 27 years old.

Joshua Jamal Williams Shot

When police sources asked NOLA.com to approach him and unload his gun, Williams fired a warning shot, and then fatally shot 47-year-old shop clerk Noah Fischbach.

Several gunmen inside the gun outlet then began gunfights with Williams.

Williams and a woman were fatally shot during close combat.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office said the suspect died in the parking lot trying to escape the scene.

In the meantime, the woman, whose name has not been named yet, was shot and killed next to the shattered glass front door of the store.

Two people were injured by gunfire, one of them was Williams’ brother.

His brother and other victim were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

Speaking to NOLA.com, a relative of Williams questioned what had happened in the moments before the police shooting.

The relative, who asked to remain anonymous, said that while he was spending time with his brother, Williams, who went to the gun shop for target practice, suspected that he would seek a gun fight.

They said the Jefferson Gun Outlet was a well-known venue for off-duty law enforcement and former military personnel.

“That would be a death sentence,” said the relative.

A woman who identifies herself as Williams’ mother similarly wrote on Facebook: “My son didn’t go to shoot with that gun!” According to NOLA!

“Joshua … was fired … by the workers of the gun range and others in range! He was killed! (Rest in peace) my love, you will be in my heart forever!”
Fischbach has been described as a married father whose social media profile describes him as a special effects technician and armor for film and television productions.

‘Noah Fischbach was my favorite person at this store,’ Heather Devall wrote in a compliment on Facebook. He made my knowledge of firearms and cartridges much better, but he made constant conversations in our interactions by buying what we have from him.

Even though we will never know the effect it has had on our lives and we often fail anymore. We will definitely miss him. ‘

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joe Lopinto said at a press conference from the scene yesterday: “We had a first hitman who shot two victims on the scene, both of whom were determined to die in this location.

“It looks like several people ran into this suspect in the parking lot, either inside or outside.”

Two separate “shields” were installed in the parking lot, typically used to block bodies from being seen.

A woman sitting in a folding chair about five feet from the shop cried and said, “Josh, this is Momma. I love you. ‘

Another man said, ‘Where is my son?’ He was pictured shouting. at the shooting scene.

Witnesses told FOX8 that they were grateful to walk away alive from the fire and described the incident inside the store as “a war”.

“It was a lot, as you could say it was armed conflict. It was a gunfight, that was all I knew,” said Wanetta Joseph.

“The whole ground was moving. I felt they were going to shoot from the wall, you could smell the smoke from the gun, how crazy that was. We felt like we were in a war.”

Joseph said he was upstairs for a secret transport class when shooting began.

He lay on the ground as gun shots spread from below.

As we thought we didn’t know if there was more than one gunman, we thought it was over, we didn’t know the gunman was shot, we had no idea what was going on. Outlet offers ‘FULLY AUTOMATED Machine Gun Experiences’ on the ‘Greater New Orleans Area premier firearms outlet’ and a 14 lane 25 yard indoor shooting range.

Weapons and ammunition are sold in front of a power outlet facing a main street via Jefferson Parish. Customers who often want to go within range of the gun will often go around the side entrance of the building. Personnel working there usually wear a gun.

Fox News reported that the clash took place just months after two people died in Metairie on a fatal Christmas Eve.

During this encounter, police responded to reports of possible gunfire and found the victims dead in a car outside an apartment building.

Four men were shot dead in Metaire two weeks before the Christmas Eve incident.