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Joshua Stewart Burks
Joshua Stewart Burks

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Joshua Stewart Burks, a 36-year-old middle school teacher and U.S. Marine Corps veteran, was charged with manslaughter following the death of Troy Ellis on May 1, WPMI, WALA, and AL.com reported.

The charge against the Alabama teacher, who was charged with the shooting and murder of a fifth-grader during a spring turkey hunt, was raised following a grand jury verdict earlier this month.

Joshua Stewart Burks Teacher Arrested

The Jefferson County grand jury raised charges against a itinerant man in the shooting murder of an 11-year-old boy during a turkey hunt.

Joshua Stewart Burks, 36, was originally accused of unintentional manslaughter in the death of Troy Ellis.

The grand jury, hearing the case on December 10, increased the charge for the fatal murder of a person under 14. Burks was taken back to Jefferson County Prison at 3:18 PM. It was released on Friday and aired at 17:30. After submitting a $ 60,000 bond. It was previously on a $ 15,000 bond.

Obed Ellis, Troy’s father and a football coach at Mortimer Jordan High, was also injured during the shooting. Troy was in fifth grade at Cahaba Elementary School in Trussville when he was killed.

Father, son, Burks, and another man started a daylight turkey hunt on Ellis’s hunting grounds off Cedar Mountain Road in North Clay that Friday. The hunt was organized by an Ellis-guided group that sponsored the hunt for wounded veterans. Burks, an amputee, was a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and middle school teacher and coach in Mobile County, but lost his job after the incident. Burks went hunting for the first time.

The clash took place around 9:30 am on Cedar Mountain Road. Troy was brought down from the mountain and those with him sought help. He was reported dead at the scene.

In July, the Ellis family filed an unfair death case against Burks and Kyle Eugene Henley, who guided the nonprofit hunting organization America’s Heroes Enjoying Recreation Outdoors.

Among the allegations of the case were that Burks had taken many pain relievers the night before and the morning of the hunt and that “he would probably not be able to use a firearm safely and would certainly not make appropriate decisions about using a weapon”. “This case was resolved in October.

Burks is represented in Birmingham by attorney Tommy Spina and Mobile attorney Jonathan McCardle, who previously worked for Alabama Media Group.

“We are disappointed that the grand jury viewed the case differently from the judge and the district attorney’s office, which originally convicted the murder,” Spina said. “The events that took place that day were devastating on many levels, and we sympathize with the family of the young man who died in an incident we believe was a tragic hunting accident.”
“I am hopeful that the evidence will eventually prove that what happened that day was not an intentional act,” Spina said. “We pray for the family of the deceased every day.”