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Judith Stevenson
Judith Stevenson

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Judith Stevenson was identified as ‘Whitefish Montana Karen’, seen in a viral video of a cough on a lady after a discussion around her face masks in Super 1 Foods.

Judith Stevenson Age

She is 73 years old.

Judith Stevenson Whitefish Montana Karen Viral Video

Judith Stevenson of Whitefish was not wearing a face mask in the store, according to a police report that sparked the discussion between her and another shopper, she said it was an underlying health condition.

According to the police report, Stevenson claims to have an underlying health problem that prevents him from wearing his face.

Whitefish Police Chief Bill Dial said the two women had a dispute and that Big Sky’s Steve Ferry began recording the interaction. The situation increased further when Ferry interfered in the store’s car park.

Police Chief reported that Ferry coughed all over Stevenson’s wife. He then took an object, possibly identified as a cell phone, and broke the rear window in Stevenson’s car.

Dial, “Don’t be aggressive, don’t be mask bullying and just try to do what you have to do and we hope everyone will do what they have to do.

The Police Chief said that the police did not follow the mask rules. It encourages people to complain with store management or local county or city health departments.

“We all want the outbreak not to spread, but instead of taking justice into your own hands, there are ways and ways to deal with it,” Dial said.

Dial said Ferry was accused of criminal mischief and Stevenson with irregular behavior.