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Julie Eberly

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Authorities said Julie Eberly was a mother of six who was killed in a random car accident in Lumberton, North Carolina, while she and her husband were on a beach vacation. She was from Lancaster County in Pennsylvania.

“The murder occurred around 11:40 pm on Thursday, March 25, 2021, near I95 South, Lumberton NC, Exit 22,” Robeson County Sheriff’s Department said in a news release. The suspect is free and unidentified.

Sheriff Burnis Wilkins said in a statement, “This was an innocent family from Pennsylvania going to the beach for a vacation. Fortunately, they left their six children at home with their grandparents, but now these children have to live with the thought that their mother was killed in such a cowardly and meaningless way. My heart goes to this family and I want everyone to stop and pray for this family. ”

The Sheriff’s Department Announced a $10,000 Reward

There is currently a $ 10,000 reward for “information that leads to a possible cause for the issuance of an arrest warrant and the arrest of the suspects responsible for Julie Eberly’s murder,” according to a press release from the Robeson County Sheriff’s Department.

An anonymous donor gave the money to the Sheriff’s Department for the prize.

“While we hope that anyone with knowledge will show up in this case, this incentive should be the reason to do this even more. “I appreciate the resident coming with this award,” Sheriff Burnis Wilkins said in the newsletter.

The Sheriff’s Department Says Eberly Was Shot Through the Passenger Door

The Robeson County Sheriff’s Office Homicide Division “leads the investigation and continues to search for video footage or eyewitness accounts of the road rage incident that occurred between 23 and 25 markers across 95 South. He said, “It came out at exit number 22.”

Eberle, Who Was Described as Loving & Generous, Was On Her Way to a Vacation When Killed

The fund raised more than $ 33,000.

The Sheriff’s Department shared information about a GoFundMe page to assist the Eberly family. “Hello everyone, hundreds of you sent me emails or texts yesterday to help the family of Julie Eberly’s tragic murder during 1995. We contacted the family for your interests and concerns and informed them about your offers. If you’d like to help, please see the attached Go Fund Me link. I really appreciate everyone who reached out to me and continues to ask your prayers for this family. Please share, ”the Sheriff’s Department wrote.

Eberly & Her Husband Had Just Celebrated Their Wedding Anniversary

According to WMBF-TV, Eberly and her husband had just celebrated their wedding anniversary and went to Hilton Head for a vacation.

It was their 7th wedding anniversary.

Eberly said on Facebook that her name is Julie Bittner Eberly. She wrote that she went to Manheim Central High School, lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and was from Manheim, Pennsylvania.

Eberly filled her Facebook page with family pictures. She also shared a prayer night and photos with her friends.

Her husband Ryan’s Facebook page says he owns Flow Mechanical LLC.

Most of his pictures show him with more than one child.





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