Justice Alito orders late Pennsylvania ballots to be set aside

Justice Alito orders late Pennsylvania ballots to be set aside
Justice Alito orders late Pennsylvania ballots to be set aside

After the Republican Party claimed that the US presidential election did not comply with election guidelines that discussed controversial ballot papers that came after Election Day, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito ordered Pennsylvania county election officials to keep the ballot papers in separate mail that arrived after November. 3.

The order came on November 6 in response to a request from the state Republican Party as Democratic rival Joe Biden in Pennsylvania in the presidential race, a few inches ahead of President Donald Trump. Acting on his own, Alito reportedly said, acting on his own, he was partly affected by the Republican claim that election officials could not be sure they were complying with the guidelines published by Democrat Pennsylvania Foreign Minister Kathy Boockvar. Judge Alito, who dealt with emergency appeals from Pennsylvania, ordered a response from the state authorities. He referred the matter to the court for further action.

Alito’s order relates to the Republicans’ ongoing appeal to the Supreme Court to block the counting of ballots received by mail after Election Day.
Previously, Trump had filed lawsuits regarding voting irregularities in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan. However, the chairman lost court decisions in the close-contested states of Georgia and Michigan. He has now pledged to file a new lawsuit in Nevada that defies alleged irregularities.

Republicans drove social media crazy after they tried to block late mailed ballots in Pennsylvania and RS justice acted accordingly. Some support the action of justice, while others call it a way to hide the “corrupt” and rotting system. Lawyer Shannon Bream tweeted, “Judge Alito issued an Order more than that all ballot papers received in PA after 20:00 on election day were parsed and secured and counted separately. SCOTUS has a petition pending. Alito orders the other party to respond by 2 am on Saturday. ”

He continued, “Alito’s order: ‘… neither the applicant (PA GOP) nor the Secretary could verify that all boards were compliant with the guidance of the Secretary, not legally binding on them as alleged.’ “Many of you have rightly realized that this separation / securing must have already taken place. PA GOP told SCOTUS today that neither he nor the Commonwealth General Secretary could reach all county election boards to verify that they are truly eligible. There is SCOTUS Layout. ”

A user said, “It would be a shame if they had to kick them all out. It’s a real shame. “Someone else was stunned by this act,” Shocking. The level of ineptitude sprinkled with corruption undermines the entire system from within. Arrests must be made. “One user described the movement as chaotic,” This is not incompetence. It is organized to make corruption difficult to detect and make it easier to explain if caught. There is chaos. “A user said,” Can’t SCOTUS stay out of it? ” He wrote.

One user wrote against Democratic supporters: “Cheaters why worry about SCOTUS getting involved? If you are so honest, why does your party struggle so hard to avoid transparency? How strange that when you worry about the Russian collusion, your party will do anything to investigate it. “Another supported the move of justice,” Stay away from the biggest election theft attempt ever !? No thanks. This is their job. ”