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Kaana Grace
Kaana Grace

Kaana Grace, who has 60,000 followers on Instagram, shared images of her boyfriend being pinned to the ground by a number of officers.
A fashion blogger said that she and her black boyfriend were unfairly arrested by police after chasing other suspects with completely different looks. Even if they’re after a white man and a brunette woman.

Kaana Grace And Boy Friend Arrested

Kaana said in the caption: ‘Today I and my boyfriend had just left the house to go to the shop. We saw a black car speeding up on the main road with police and vans chasing the vehicle.
It could kill people. It was passing through heavy traffic and I almost even had to cross the road while passing me and my boyfriend on the sidewalk.

Suddenly, two police cars took off unexpectedly and rushed out, and they caught me and my boyfriend and sprayed us with tear gas and arrested us without telling why.

‘Later, they said we were arrested on suspicion of a stolen vehicle, despite being among a crowd watching that madness.’

He continued: ‘They said we followed the description of a brunette woman and a white man, which is clear that we are not.

We were just standing on the sidewalk. We were ‘wrong identities’ … We were so embarrassed and upset that we had to go through this.

I would also like to point out that although we are innocent, we do not resist arrest. We were very confused and we were shouting that we did not do anything wrong.

‘How could we steal the vehicle if it was still being actively followed by the police inside with criminals and we were just standing next to a flower shop ??? They then arrested us and left saying they had found the wrong people. ‘Images have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on Instagram, and many questioned police tactics in the comments.

The video shows Kaana’s boyfriend being held on the ground by four policemen while meeting with another officer.

A crowd of audiences seem to defend the man as he advocates his innocence to police officers.