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Kaden Laga Missing person photo
Kaden Laga Missing person photo

Kaden Laga Biography

20-year-old Kaden Laga Utah County man after he got separated from his family on Sunday. was last seen around 3 p.m. on a trail in the Bitterroot, horseback riding with his family. When Kaden’s horse went lame (a change in his stance), he decided to walk and catch up with them at the trailhead.


Kaden Laga Before With Wife Before Missing

A week since Kaden Laga went missing in Montana. He and his wife Arden, who are expecting their first baby, were out visiting family when a normal hike turned into a search and rescue.

“She looked at me and said, ‘You better promise me that you come home safe,’” Kaden said.

That was the promise he gave her before he left.

As Kaden and his family were hiking, one of the horses went lame. he decided to hike ahead of the others

Kaden Laga Wife Video For Missing 

Kaden Laga With Family

The family of lost hiker Kaden Laga, 25 year old Kaden Laga of Utah, releases picture of the man and his family Friday afternoon taken at the Hamilton airport, after spending 5 days in the remote wilderness.  Kaden Laga is now reached to his faimily On Friday at the Hamilton Airport. Laga was airlifted from the Selway Wilderness to the airport by Allen Jessop of Choice Aviation.


Kaden Laga is found